Dec. 21st, 2009

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i figure uodating here i better then moving the furniture, So  3 roomate haev no job one is supoaseed the be payin he bills (he managed to pay rent) by doing chores. no chores have been done. The 3 of them were awake and yelling at the video games in the liveing(right next to my bedroom at 3:30 this morning) it was keeping James from sleeping. please not he has a job.  working o a daily weekly chore list so that sine the roommate apperantly can't lok at teh house and see that stuff needs to get done. they then like small childern or teenagers  will be able to look at a list. does any one wonder what the 3 of them are doing while i was about to start moving the furniture around? they are all sleeping,  and they wonder why they have not found a joba yet ..... Other wise stuiff is stating tyo come togetehr , i need to go clean out my car, install the car seat. then i need to  organized the master clothset  so i can organize aiden stuff in there(like blankets and bath stuff).

everything else that needs to get done is "too heavy"  so i need on of these jokers to get up and do it Aiden is head down and pushing today no contractions, his head feels like a battering ram on a  fortress door right at the moment  now that i've vented ui'm feelign better and off to do what is not 'too heavy"


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