Dec. 5th, 2011

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Spent the day plottinng world domination. Fibro sucks.

In grinch land I'm about o start blocking james' relatives' post on Facebook one more annoying copy and paste job about how holiday trees are some how a direct stab at christanity or happy holiday is taking the Christ out of Christmas and I'm going to read the the whole history of all the symbols of their holiday and then I suspect non of them will ever speak to me again. I'm kinda ok with that.

Second item of note please o not invite me to be a bridesmaid at your wedding then tell me 3 months b4 the wedding that only your sister in law to be is being allowed to bring her children aiden is not welcome to the wedding ...... It over an hour away and you want me to stay overnight ..... How about no! I didn't say no because she's one of my best friends but I have to say I'm a little pissed at her right now.

In happy news James is 99% quit! And while my in laws vist was less than pleasant and cost use about 200$ they did take the cat from our upstairs room thank the gods

James should hear this week about his promotion and pay raise also god things

Now to sleep if the migraine will let me


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