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- to be greatful as this is the last time for a couple months you be able to sleep nekkid if you enjoy doing so
- have lots of sex! this is off the menu for at least a couple weeks post delivery
- enjoy being able to just go with only you and your keys and cell phone ( from here out i understand that leaving the house will be a large scale production)
- be prepared to have to check in with every one on a daily basis other wise you will have a slew of VM asking if your okay when you are 2 mins late any place
- be aware that any time you call (family) they will drop everything to answer, just in case this is the "i'm headed to the hospital" call
- cleaning and organizing are not he same thing but both can happen with nesting. i could case less if if it's "clean" but every thing needs to be organized *NOW* i want to label every thing

In other TMI news - i'm already tired of my boobs leaking, i realized that this will get worse before it gets better but it's just stopped being fun waking up with boobs and arms covered in pre milk. this was what cause me to appreciate that i don't have to sleep with a bra on yet


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