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Near as i can tell, i could be on leave(paid) from 12.409(yes this Friday) till some time in mid February. Unpaid leave (other than sick and vacation pay) i could be out till early May ........ Nice

the longer i'm out the less likley this team will have a spot for me ...... starts working the budget
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I might be nuts but Aiden has a sentience, at least to me. last night i had the suddwen feeling nothing was in belly, there was just nothing no movement and not "vibes" coming back from the kiddo, so i drink something sugary and we did the stupod kick count thing,

James read him a couple books and he kinda moved a bit but since he didn't want o read more more books he started singing to the belly,

it was really nice and got aiden to get his rear in gear (kick count was fine, perhaps he was alseep or cold my temp was 96.7 i was a bit cold)
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For those who wanted it here is a list of things that are still needed for the Aiden or the care and feeding of Aiden

gdiapers(s, m, l) pants and inserts
Nursing Pads
Nursing Bras
Nursing pillow(my Brest Friend)
Baby socks
Stroage trays for expressed milk
Baby carrier (boppy or Ergo baby)
Baby monitor
Base for car seat

For the disposable stuff i have no brand preferences as we are hoping to to only use them a short time. most of this is on the amazon or target registry
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 =) he's always more active the day be for it rains,  today i have a serious set of wiggles happening  and he's not hiding in my hips. Hopefully this means tomorrow we should get a good look at him and i'll have that Video i keep promising,

in other news... there is no other news it's baby  baby baby all the time, work is going  well, i've got preggo insomnia, and  the house is slowly coming together.
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I seriously need to go camping *looks at Aiden*  it will have to wait till spring i have a feeling that Yule is just going to right out the window for camping.

Other wise life is good aiden is getting stronger and bigger  the count down has started, i have 3 appointments  then i start weekly appointments
the shower is going to be Sunday Nov 15th  after 6pm. Plan on seeing a very sleepy linz

 there is more but it's boring money matters,  going to nap quickly then finish my day  then go back to bed
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after we week full of room mate drama,  i'm tired. i really want to go out to CMA but the rain forcast  and the body are  the best for going. I'm going to S-n-B on friday. then i'm resting. i think that seems to have been the key  the the "easy" pregnacy. resting. i got good prenatals from the doc  with no fish and no iodine, i need to calicum  and d b/c i don't want aiden to  take it all out of my bones

I'll have the 3D/4D  dvd on tuesday  (it got canceld this week) i also need to get out to dripping to get the baby stuff.

Aiden  is saying hi! my belly looks like there is an alien in the moveing and changing the shape
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after  a really frusterating evening i have rearranged the pantry at our house - 2 of 3 shelves are now labled  James and Lindsey food only, there is a shelf for "community food" and a shelf labeled and split 4 ways for the 4 room mates, they can stave to death for all i care  the fridge has also been rearranged and a labled  for our food on one side and other peoples stuff on the other side

Todfay i came home and hear people bitching that we spend money on food and bring "nothing home"  strange thing is they eat  tyhat "nothing" and then lave us with nothing to eat . this sucks  i spant alot of yesterday attempting to figure out where all our money gets off to. i ran a budget and  we should have about 200 a week left over for fun things even if onlty one roomamte paid . now that i have rearranged the food stuffs i've discovered that the reason JAemsand i are broke is b/c the the roomamtes who don't pay for food eat all of ours, so we are feedeing  1 preggo chick, 1 deit specific male(my hubby) and 4 garbage disposals also known as room mates they eat liek  teenagers andy one feeing more than one teenage male and appericaite how many grocheries that can be in a month  it's costing us over 300 that's where our money keeps goign to

hopfulyl  this will be step one  of several in them getting their shit straight or getting the fark out of my house

 next steps are
1. raise rent , we ar enot chargin them enought as we are also their maid and lawn service and we probide them with tyolettries as well, basically we are  a hotel  ..... we need more money to be a hotel plus or mortgage goes up next month

2. enforce pasyingh on time  and add late fees

3. post notes all ove the ohuiosue about how they need to turn off lights and not mess with the themastat, enforce the comptuer must hibernate during the day  this iscludes the  oversized CRT moniters that go with them

4. if you borrow our cars you put gas back in them, i'm tired of not having gas b/c our cars get barrowed
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This month is crazy busy  social it's also  the start of crunch time  with the kiddo. We need to pick a pediatrician there are 4 on the list, i have an an interview with our 1st choice on Monday at 4pm. I have a glucose tolerance test on Tuesday(not my idea of a good time here have all this sugar now lets see if you have too much sugar). Also we have the 3d/4d ultrasound (thanks mom!)  and the lat monthly OB visit , from here till December  they see me every other week . Also at work we start our busy time: annual review, raise(maybe), Gift-mas season(yes i've already seen my 1st giftmas order).

To do's
Pick a ped
Tour L&D
preregister at hospital
Attend the prenatal appointments
Baby shower(evite should be coming out shortly  from Anna)
Attempt not to comfort eat thru the pain of my body being stretched out (i just realized i'd been doing this), rather use heat or pain meds instead
Prenatal pics
Henna on the belly (mommy to be therapy)
Possible belly cast(it's up to James)
Remove annoying house guest from loft space
Reorganize house once said person is gone
pack Hospital bag (that we are not running around like crazies when the time comes
Figure out what i'm doing for thanksgiving. Mom will be in OK and James will be in Amarillo
            (they both need to go home). i'll be in Austin  b/c it's too late in the pregnancy for me to be gone (i don't trust the doctors in Amarillio)
Buy any remaining baby stuff (bottles, car seat, stroller what ever doesnt' get gifted to us at the shower)
Mentally get ready to have this kiddo

Experianced moms: any questionsd i should be asking the doctor at this point?
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Last night i realized, just in time to stop, that i had almost scratched a spot on my tummy to bleeding. It's fine now it has healing stuff and lotion on it and i've cut off all my nails  so that i don't have a way to absent-mindly do it again. also  i'm tired of my clothes  like really tired of my clothes, i want a sarong on my hips and that's all! the monster boobs  do not fit comfortably in any bra (even the new shiny fitted ones) and they are starting to cause me annoying pain in the back and ribs b/c they are heavy.

other wise things are good but the itching is out of control!
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J and Kayta's wedding was amazing! i'm so glad i was able to make it.  rest of the week sucked! things are better now but btwn James  and Aiden issues i am so ready to have a better week this week

Cut for medical crap and baby stuff )

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Went to my 1st Bradley Method class, I now can see why my OB thought they were a little out there.  They are a little out there on several things that really should not be include in what I think of as a birth class, and the way it's presented in the class people who don't do their own research or who are easily suggestible you would think this actually had studies to back up the claims. They don't it's just how they feel about food and the types you should have (for one thing large quantities of proteins goes not prevent or cure true pre-eclampsia, it can reduce swelling brought on by the fact that you have a baby taking up all the space in you belly yes quite possibly it does improve that)

The couple in the class is at way closer to my mom's age than mine, the 1st class of 12 is about "labor exercise”.
~So sitting on the floor (rather than a chair) "Indian style”: this (duh) improves your core muscles since you have to support your back
~ Squatting to stretch out the perineum (I was amazed the other couple could not do it very odd and they where using each other for support) I can do that on my own with out help much to the teachers surprise
~Cat-cow pelvic rocks
~Butterfly stretches
~kegals: the teacher explained why these are important and asked us to 20 and walked out of the room for a sec
, At which point they other couple looked at me and said, "do you know where the kegels are?"  *color me shocked* I know I’m in to yoga and body work and taking car of my self (so perhaps I’m the werido here) but how do you not know what those are? I’ve been doing them since I was in high school (lots of non baby benefits)
~ How to lay on your side "correctly", "correctly" is on quotes b/c   it's about alignment and making your body comfortable what works best for every one is the same but you have to make adjustments to get it right for you

At the end of class the poor teacher wanted to know what each of us had learned ... I didn't learn anything positive so I just said i'd done alot of research and hadn't come across anything new tonight, what I wanted to say was  "I learned why my OB thinks this method is full of basket cases!"

I've looked over the workbook  there will be new stuff to me in here later  not new new but same stuff from a different angle

 The kitchen has been reclaimed the living room and clothes are next then the bed room, mostly b/c if we don't I’m going to trip on something and fall it’s getting to where I can't see my feet or any thing near my feet (see me tripping on the cats)

 I got my teeth cleaned (it had been a long time) teeth are beautiful as always but he gums need some help

James has got allot of dental work to be done we will just deal with it one week at a time, he had a root canal today so hopefully things should get better in his world soon-ish, he also has pain killers and antibiotics

Baby seems to be doing well, I should have video some time this week to post and in the next could weeks I’ll have 3d/4d video to post (it comes on DVD). I finally had to take off my rings my fingers are just too swollen, so are my feet and calves, I’m going to try the protein thing and when I see the doc on Tuesday I’ll talk to her about it I feel pretty good just really swollen
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We got a  storm on Friday night  and Saturday (day and evening) we got several hours of rain.

Also in belly bump land  after being poked on some more the ouchie spot  is a kidney(we are pretty sure) and weirdly it seems to be having contractions  it will get Hard and painful  then once i can get the pain to stop  it's soft again. Heat seems to help  but we don't have clue what it could be  but for now I've moved from concerned to curious, which is a much better  place mentally for me to be.

I have a super busy month with  docs , socially and work this month. We are stupidly busy at work and are likely to remain so till i go on leave. There is a wedding and birthday  stuff this month,  and i have dentist and OB stuff this month. Also i start my birth classes  yay 

I'm starting to get a little bit nervous about labor (yes i have plenty of time left before then)  but I'm one month from my 3rd trimester.  I'm getting close  to bi monthly appointments  with the OB and I've suddenly realized that the  the end is coming and it will be here before i know it.
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it's an agressive  type and it's moving in to to ribs and lymph systems,  radiation and chemo are not options wil have more detail in the next couple days

 update:both will be possible if when they stop the other radioactive treatment
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i've got to get the food thing figured out  i ate better today but then i'm not hungry at night, the kiddo id still moving about so he's got plenty of sugar.

 i don't like eating alone and i know that's part of it and this week that may be fixed James and i might be on a closer  work schedule  so we can eat together but i'm tired of junk food so i don't wanna go out and get something and we are trying to be stingy with Cash so taking my self oput to dinner(which sounds great) is not a good idea either

i'm really excited i want december here now  if the finances are there  in theory i can be off work for the kiddo starting the4 th of december and i get 6 weeks after i deliver

i could really use the time away from work with nothign to do but get my house in order and get ready for the baby but have a feelignt hat i'll be working till i get pretty close to delivery  it's just who i am and also it's a stuidly busy time at work, i keep hoping they will cave and let telecomute from home  but i have a feelign that it will not happen

 and as the fall gets here i'm wanting to go camping and get out more  but the doc and James this this is a stupid idea.  we will see i also need to maeka trip up to dallas to see the godkids and C&J perhaps the state fair ? not too sure work scheilsdes are coming out soon and so are anual reviews (gag) they made do a swlf review i'm not sure why b/c from a dry numbers point i sucked ass this year  from linz hung in ther and busted ass while sick perspective i freaking rocked their f'ing socks
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Friends Help You Move. Real Friends Help You Move Bodies. I the the best kind of friend that say"no detective i haven't seen [insert idiot roommate's name here] since last week"

A**hat left the front door open again last night/this morning and i had to hunt down both cats who where extremely traumatized and scared when i found them

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leiterlly since LJ deleteed my info
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To do:

 Call seton and get a L&D tour scheduled

            Maternity Tour: 45 minutes to 1 hour

A tour of the maternity unit will help you to know what to expect during your hospital stay. Your tour guide will answer questions on types of rooms available, parking, visiting hours and where to go when you come in to deliver your baby. (Free of charge, however registration is required.) Maternity tours are recommended for adults only. Seton Medical Center Austin, Seton Medical Center Williamson and Seton Northwest: (512) 324-4252

Schedule and pay for baby care class:


Preregister  at hospital Maternity Registration
To pre-register for a delivery, please call (512) 324-1137 or visit our Admissions Department on the ground floor in the South Lobby. Registration at the time of admission is located on the 2nd floor in Labor and Delivery.

 possible new docs ?

Miles Name/Address/Phone Specialty UnitedHealth Premium®
Quality and Cost Efficiency
Additional Details 13.2 miles

Sebestyen, Christina E, MD

Sebestyen, Christina Website

AUSTIN, TX 78758



Map | Send to My Phone | Add to Address Book


In Network






Board Certified


Obstetrics and Gynecology




Extended Office Hours:

No Extended Hours

Graduation Date:

Not Reported

Secondary Language(s)*:

Spanish(Physician & Staff)




Not Reported

Hospital Affiliation:

North Austin Medical Center



Miles Name/Address/Phone Specialty UnitedHealth Premium®
Quality and Cost Efficiency
Additional Details 20.1 miles

Love, Mikeal R, MD


900 E 30TH ST STE 107
AUSTIN, TX 78705



Map | Send to My Phone | Add to Address Book


In Network






Board Certified


Obstetrics and Gynecology




Extended Office Hours:

No Extended Hours

Graduation Date:


Secondary Language(s)*:

Not Reported





Hospital Affiliation:

St David


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at 21 weeks i'm looking for a new OB , i just can not trust the one I've been seeing and we don't seem to agree on anything. Plusi don't think i should have to tell her my medical history every time i come for prenatal appointmet(which at this point hase been once a month).

I am goignt o switch to a another doctor at the same place (if they let me i think i'll liek her better ) and the hospital where i'll be delivering at is ver supportive of the way i want my bith  expericance to be just have to find a doc to be ther to catch my Aiden


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