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so thank you all who wished me well i am not good enough to apply for this round of hiring - so i shall sit here and watch others become "fruit" and think on the fact that i at least havea job =)
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So yes true to their word thereis another round of hiring happpening - starting today .......

i go forth to subject myself for further humiliation

of interveiwing again ..... so those of you who have extra to spare - i really wanna work here =)
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so i've ben thinking - here's the deal with everyone i trained getting hired - it means that i am a good trainer or mentor or what the hell ever i was thru x-mas.

and actually that's pretty hot =)

no i'm not saying that i'm not upset that is didin't get badged and they did .. but shit how wonderful is that - all of my friends got hired !!!!!!

hopefully next time i'm good to go =)

in other news if i'm hard to get a hold of this week it's b/c matt's leaveing at the end of the week and i would like to do as much with him as possible b4 he goes.

more later


Feb. 24th, 2006 11:11 am
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i'm not hired ... and i am relitively okay with that ... there were people with better stats than i didi for the 2 months that they were looking at .... HOWEVER

list form for ease of referance later
why didn't i get hired
~ stats were not as high as other peoples
why was this .... i know why ....

i was doing 2 peoples jobs - i was busy running about and ACTUALLY training people who had"training" b/c the training sucked ass - so yes i spent alot of time off the phone helping people b/c the trainers didin't do their jobs- but can they look at that? Absolutly .....NOT

apperanly above and beyond and doeing the work of 3 people gets you no points - with apple.

so what do i do they say that there will be many more badgeing rounds b4 i get canned on june 8th .....

today will be a long day
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okay 1st day bravly taking payment calls - it sucks i'm goignt ot be sick from nerves any second now and i have my interview in 40 min and i was running late this morning and i left my badge at home and only have 2 $$ for lunch - i'm not having a very happy lindsey day - hoping my inter view goes well

EDIT: i think that went well ... should haveben 30 min interview and was 20 ...... hmm okay then


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