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 it's a baby     more pic later
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one of my co workers is about 4-5 weeks behind me with her baby. She has had such a physically difficult pregnancy , i am EXTREMELY grateful that mine has been mostly a breeze and the only really disappointing thing for me is that i don't get to labor(yes i am nuts).

 still waiting to get to a computer with a  working disc drive so i can upload the reat of my belly bump pics

The house is mostly together (or about as together as it's ever going to be, the kiddo has a place to sleep, clothes, diapers,  and all the other millions of little things that  that my huge baby will need once he's here. the car seat needs to be installed in my car; my bag, the diaper bag, James' bag and the pack and play need to be loaded in to the car

 The current plan calls for the C- section to be  on 12.30.09 at 9 am, ui get 4 days in the hospital(unless something goes totally wrong) so i should be able to got to my mom's  on the 2nd or 3rd depending on how insurance counts the "days". i'll stay at mom's house till my birthda, since that will be the 1st day off James has so i will for sure have help at the house. Mom will be in and out i'm sure but she is allergic to my fur babies, which is why i'm staying at her house the 1st couple days  reather than her staying here where we have a had tiem containg the cats dander. By the time the let me go home i could be able to get up and out for short bits of time so long as i'm  not the one driving. My research seems to inicate that  i can't be the one driving for at least 2 weeks.  this is a huge drag

Still a bit diffcult to believe that in 3 days i'll get to see the little monster i've been growning all year. it's even stranger that we will calmly drive to the hospital and just have a baby, no labor no contractions no paniced daddy.

 i think i've serfed the inter webs enought for today i should prbably find me a food, take a nap, and drink some more water 

Also i find i don't miss work. i thought i'd be going bonkers with out a "job" todo but mostly i've been dooing theh incubator thing and some light cleaning.  once Aidens out and i'm able to get up and do stuff i could see how being a house wife would agree with me alot
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- to be greatful as this is the last time for a couple months you be able to sleep nekkid if you enjoy doing so
- have lots of sex! this is off the menu for at least a couple weeks post delivery
- enjoy being able to just go with only you and your keys and cell phone ( from here out i understand that leaving the house will be a large scale production)
- be prepared to have to check in with every one on a daily basis other wise you will have a slew of VM asking if your okay when you are 2 mins late any place
- be aware that any time you call (family) they will drop everything to answer, just in case this is the "i'm headed to the hospital" call
- cleaning and organizing are not he same thing but both can happen with nesting. i could case less if if it's "clean" but every thing needs to be organized *NOW* i want to label every thing

In other TMI news - i'm already tired of my boobs leaking, i realized that this will get worse before it gets better but it's just stopped being fun waking up with boobs and arms covered in pre milk. this was what cause me to appreciate that i don't have to sleep with a bra on yet
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I might be nuts but Aiden has a sentience, at least to me. last night i had the suddwen feeling nothing was in belly, there was just nothing no movement and not "vibes" coming back from the kiddo, so i drink something sugary and we did the stupod kick count thing,

James read him a couple books and he kinda moved a bit but since he didn't want o read more more books he started singing to the belly,

it was really nice and got aiden to get his rear in gear (kick count was fine, perhaps he was alseep or cold my temp was 96.7 i was a bit cold)
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For those who wanted it here is a list of things that are still needed for the Aiden or the care and feeding of Aiden

gdiapers(s, m, l) pants and inserts
Nursing Pads
Nursing Bras
Nursing pillow(my Brest Friend)
Baby socks
Stroage trays for expressed milk
Baby carrier (boppy or Ergo baby)
Baby monitor
Base for car seat

For the disposable stuff i have no brand preferences as we are hoping to to only use them a short time. most of this is on the amazon or target registry
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This month is crazy busy  social it's also  the start of crunch time  with the kiddo. We need to pick a pediatrician there are 4 on the list, i have an an interview with our 1st choice on Monday at 4pm. I have a glucose tolerance test on Tuesday(not my idea of a good time here have all this sugar now lets see if you have too much sugar). Also we have the 3d/4d ultrasound (thanks mom!)  and the lat monthly OB visit , from here till December  they see me every other week . Also at work we start our busy time: annual review, raise(maybe), Gift-mas season(yes i've already seen my 1st giftmas order).

To do's
Pick a ped
Tour L&D
preregister at hospital
Attend the prenatal appointments
Baby shower(evite should be coming out shortly  from Anna)
Attempt not to comfort eat thru the pain of my body being stretched out (i just realized i'd been doing this), rather use heat or pain meds instead
Prenatal pics
Henna on the belly (mommy to be therapy)
Possible belly cast(it's up to James)
Remove annoying house guest from loft space
Reorganize house once said person is gone
pack Hospital bag (that we are not running around like crazies when the time comes
Figure out what i'm doing for thanksgiving. Mom will be in OK and James will be in Amarillo
            (they both need to go home). i'll be in Austin  b/c it's too late in the pregnancy for me to be gone (i don't trust the doctors in Amarillio)
Buy any remaining baby stuff (bottles, car seat, stroller what ever doesnt' get gifted to us at the shower)
Mentally get ready to have this kiddo

Experianced moms: any questionsd i should be asking the doctor at this point?
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We got a  storm on Friday night  and Saturday (day and evening) we got several hours of rain.

Also in belly bump land  after being poked on some more the ouchie spot  is a kidney(we are pretty sure) and weirdly it seems to be having contractions  it will get Hard and painful  then once i can get the pain to stop  it's soft again. Heat seems to help  but we don't have clue what it could be  but for now I've moved from concerned to curious, which is a much better  place mentally for me to be.

I have a super busy month with  docs , socially and work this month. We are stupidly busy at work and are likely to remain so till i go on leave. There is a wedding and birthday  stuff this month,  and i have dentist and OB stuff this month. Also i start my birth classes  yay 

I'm starting to get a little bit nervous about labor (yes i have plenty of time left before then)  but I'm one month from my 3rd trimester.  I'm getting close  to bi monthly appointments  with the OB and I've suddenly realized that the  the end is coming and it will be here before i know it.
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at 21 weeks i'm looking for a new OB , i just can not trust the one I've been seeing and we don't seem to agree on anything. Plusi don't think i should have to tell her my medical history every time i come for prenatal appointmet(which at this point hase been once a month).

I am goignt o switch to a another doctor at the same place (if they let me i think i'll liek her better ) and the hospital where i'll be delivering at is ver supportive of the way i want my bith  expericance to be just have to find a doc to be ther to catch my Aiden
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I have been trying slowly over the last couple weeks to get the baby registry done. A couple things to note:1-i am a serious minimalist my "worst" hording thing is books 2- i don't want a bunch of stuff I'm going to have to [store/move/box/sell/return/goodwill].

I am not sure how much stuff a one pound(right now) piglet really will need in 4 months or the next year or the year after that.

I need diapers i know the kind i want to use(  but i don't know how many in what sizes  to register for an i know that i might need some swaddlers which will  have to be disposable but that really depends on how big he is when he gets here my bother and i were 8 lbs-ish, so i might not need them. I'm sure some disposable ones will get used but by far i what to do the gdiapers.

Clothes: Seriously the cute or unique ones are REALLY REALLY expensive, and while I'm sure he won't bee more than a few of those cute ones(i think they are mostly for the parents anyway), but how many in what size should i register for in oneisies ? will he really need pants? Jackets(he's a winter arrival)? what ever

All i really want is  the big expensive things like  the pack and play, the car seat, stroller,  and books

Books are easy, they cost lot and are really in important IMHO.Yes some of them will be over  the level of the kid to read for some years but that does not mean we should not have them or that We can't read them to him sooner.

Crib sheets: how many of those?, baby cds: do i really need these?

i could use a day of pampering at the spa - is it completely selfish to want to register for that ?

Toys: oh god please don't' get me started on toys

 on top of this materialistic quandary we still need to pick a pediatrician, i need to preregister at the hospital, take a birth class and basic baby care class(CPR and what not), decide about circumcision(fun since we don't agree on  the issue), and there is work and school and bills and prenatal testing


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profile 19 weeks 4 daysprofile 19 weeks and 4 days; measuring 20 weeks and 6 days

the goodsIt's official I'm a boy 19 weeks and 4 days; measuring 20 weeks and 6 days

I scanned it upside down but yes it's a boy

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SO when i got my maternity Jeans a few weeks ago, i thought they were the right size,  they are now clearly not , i don't know if I'm losing weight still but i losing mass everywhere not baby related. the legs arms and  the face seem to be getting thinner while the rest of me is blowing up like a balloon. At this rate I'll be in a smaller size Jean when i deliver then i started(a good thing for me)

*shocked and amazed*

and since I'm loosing inches we are starting to see the affect that the lyrica had on my body, the 15 pounds i gained in 3 weeks has left not so pleasant stretch marks on my legs and hips, but they appear to be healing with no long terms marks.

In other news i can feel the baby kicking now, and we find out the gender on Tuesday i can not wait !

there will be video and new pics soonish ther after it has to converted from VHS to DVD or mP4
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this is the coring the the master bed that is closest to the bath room
Bump week 19 Bump week 19

Yes i have officially popped. belly button is still flat for now but then i still have another 20 weeks to go

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So it would appears that I am going to be missing all camping events  till spring at least, and then only a day pass *grumbles* I'll actually be off for the Yule camp out  but if the baby is on time (and they never are) I will still be in the hospital and the kiddo only a few days old. If I’m not in the hospital I’ll likely not be approved to go any place other than home or someplace closer to the hospital like mom's house. Samhain camping  has already been nixed by the doc and DH  and anyone else who I’m hinted I might want to go for either event even on a day pass ......

kiddo will be 3-4 months at Beltane that is a possible day trip

But in non grumps about the piglet world,  I have wonderful news the bleeding has stopped entirely. It’s wonderful to be back to normal. I see the doctor on Tuesday for the monthly "hi your not dead” visit. Next baby I’m finding a different doc this one doesn't seem to like me or James or my mom overly much.  it's not even bad bedside manner b/c that I can deal with she has no manner at and no personality, also she knew about the potential for bleeding and failed to mention it to me which would have at least caused me not to panic and know that if it happened we were okay and that it was not a big deal

Any one have a good OBGYN you like?


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