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so i told me mangaer i had a job offer i was thinking about very seriously and he promtly got back to me and wanted to know if i would decline to offer if i knew that there would be a round of hiring in a few days even if i didin't know that i would get a badge.

*fruit basket holds out the carrot*

*'drug resits urge to say "yes'*

i told them i would decline the offer IF i was sure there was a round of hiring andi was almost positively getting a badge. since i can't afford not to be employed =)

*fruit basket takes carrot back* they will be looking for a better bigger carrot

I in the mean time am going to cal this new job and ask them what kinda 3 month raise they were talking about .25 .50 1.00 2.00 really 2 would be best but i need to know b/c i really don't wanna waste their time or mine - ands since i'm the bread winner i need to know - you know they seem like reasonable folk - that will take thema few days to get back to me about i'm sure by then maybe we will know

Also i hope to gods that my cell is back on by then b/c i might have had several morte offers but they can't reach me since the phone is off for those of you who may have tried to reach me 512-535-2782 iis the house =)

this is my after noon break i need to hunt down my tea =)

i get to go home early yay!
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any suggestions or thougth are encourgaged and welcome -- i want to get hired =)

AIM IM with Eric Ballesteros (aka manager/interviewer) )


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