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Dinning on my enimies flesh Dinning on my enimies flesh

my 1st steak on day 3 yum yum
day 4 clean hair now  wear bruise green yellow eyshadow day 4 clean hair now wear bruise green yellow eyshadow

i am getting better uglier but better
day 4 clean hair now  wear bruise green yellow eyshadow day 4 clean hair now wear bruise green yellow eyshadow

new shad of eye shadow
don't you just love the bruiseing there don't you just love the bruiseing there

lovely colors yes it's le be the new fashion soon

Iand i have now run out of spoons
 i'm giving you a link to laura pics of the car thear disturbing to alot of people so you have been warned

Laura has informewd me that it is un locked so everyone can see
i swear my adventures will be typed soon
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laura and lindsey vs. bull...
i wanted to call it laura and lindsey vs cow,... because that sounds funnier... but it was a bull...

so, we were going out to the lake house for 4th of july festivities. yay 4th of july... then the rest of the family said they weren't going, but we decided to go anyway for a bit of relaxation. i will be writing this into the series of short stories that i haven't actually written down yet.

dinner was great, and around 10, we left the lake house to head home. we took a different route than she normally did because it was supposed to be a straight shot. little did we know that we were getting on to one of the most dangerous stretches of road out there in central texas.


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EDIT Laura's post is here
10 am on 07/02/06
10 am on 07/02/06

i've had 5 hours of sleep hyere and surpiseing ly i'm with out drugs only at 3
10am 07/02/06
10am 07/02/06

my legs look great they did wonderful baseball batt theroopy on thm ;)

day 2 my chest was killing me from the impact and my eyes are turning black no that is not make up actually
2pm 07/03/06
2pm 07/03/06

bursing finally settlred in on my legs are we having fun yet ?
2pm 07/03/06
2pm 07/03/06

2pm 07/03/06
2pm 07/03/06

For the full story go here it's laura's journal she ws driving and walked away - only her feelings and head space are messedup n o physical damage 

me i look i've been hit by a cow - it was a 2500 lbs bull actually - i'kll wrtie more later when i can sitt up fpor longer with out slowing my healing process down 

My brain is not bruised  my lower legs are a mess but i am hbbling about 

my forehead well check the pis it's okay 

i am okay call me or come by my mom's house b4 8pm =) i'm cabin fevered 

healing energy for my body would be great calm engery and sleep energy for my mom would be excelant and laura forgiving her self energy would be the best thing ever


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