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At age 84, you will die fighting the Interplanetary War on Terrorism on Phobos, a moon of Mars.
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i am mad this morning !!!

Mt kid brother move to st. joe missouri about a month ago with a friend of his and an old friend of ours - they are supposed to be up there working on music for a label. i have no idea what that is all about i honestly didin't want to knkow to many details., 'cause then i would worry lot. So in the month that they have been there the rose colored glasses were removed.
there was much talk of certain people just going home b/c it was too hard. My brothers friends has a baby girl here in town that lives with her mother.

So what has upset me this morning ....

our friend and my bro's friend are coming back to austin .... where is my bro still in St. Joe. That's really not cool ( i'm being a hyper reactive sister here - no fault being put any place) also i'm pissed b/c the reason that at least my bro's friend has to come back is b/c his daughter died.

from cubaricans journal

Pauls daughter... has passed from us. she was just over a year old.

complications from flu-like stuff.

a beam a hope has been snuffed."

how the fucking hell does a one year old die from the flu - and how did they not know that she was sick abnd why wasw she not at hospital er something ... grrrr this is so upsetting to me and it's not like it's my kid even - Paul is a very naice kid and i can't imagine what he's going thru on the 12 hour drive back.

i'm feeling much better today on "me" issues - but i'm still upset about this how babydying stranding my kid brother thing - once again not blaming just emoting about it


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