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So my non work day is ruined ...... They referred me to matt's parish - he has no parish ... this is stupid - grr I am going to make a third run at it - b/c I think they are really not understanding the whole situation. AND I am a lot more convincing in person that thru email . And since the end of that email was please don't message me again unless there is something completely new you want to discuss ...... I think I need to make a fresh run at it in per son -

 What do y'all think?

 this is actually surprisingly upsetting today - I know that this is important  to matt which make it important to me ..... I think my request was not unreasonable  and I'm not sure that the fact that they flung some water on me when i 1 was 6 months old magically make me "Catholic" I have never done the Sacrament of Penance or Rite of Reconciliation. Dang it all i am a witch .......  I'm not going to change my mind  on being Catholic  and 3 months of marital counseling isn't going to change my mind either

 blast it all
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Bless it all ........  should I take another run perhaps live and in person ?

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So i have replied back that while i was baptized - I am in fast not a practicing Catholic - the importance of this is for Matt and that i ws really hopinh to compromise in an effort to make this happen - i have admoitted defer and said that i will have to take some education since i am not part of the church, in addition to the pre-cana classes we wil have to take  - so here goes round 2  *cross your fingers*
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~ Get a  priest
~ Get a venue ~ Catering if needed
~start looking at dresses for me and the girls


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