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Aug. 9th, 2006 08:30 pm
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 So  this guy e-mail back right way i think i'm goignto go look at the place tomorrow

 here's the responce
Large dogs are very welcome with a $700 total deposit($350 per
dog with 1/2 refundable). If needed, you can spread the paying of the pet
deposit over a few months. If you would like to view a unit give me a call
and we will set something up for tomorrow or later this week :)

 *breathes a huge giant sigh of relief* large dogs are okay  yes her know's they are danes  


Brand New-appliances, paint (inside & out), ceiling fans, fixtures, flooring and resurfaced cabinets & counter tops!! Very close to shopping, grocery stores, freeways, parks, schools, Dell, and much more!! 3 bed 2 bath, garage, private backyard, fireplace, gas cooking/stove, w & d hook up, refrigerator with ice maker, microwave, dishwasher, disposal, front & backyard maintained by landlord, large pets OK, will work with credit, etc. **Only a $400 Deposit!** Please contact me to view. Michael Martin "Licensed Real Estate Agent for over 17 years" 512-450-2137. My services are completely FREE!

  • yes -- cats are OK - purrr
  • yes -- dogs are OK - wooof
  • this is in or around Louis Henna-I-35
  • no -- it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

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this is one of those days i want to curl up and die so that i can move on to dealing withthe next frucked up thinkg that is going on in my life this week

So my land lord has not been paying the morgage ... my house is in for coloser i am moving at months end - where ..... that's a fine question

there is no one here i can talk to about any of this and the person who should be supporting me appeantly thinks caring means being to busy to call me backa nd talk to me about shit well thanks you matt for you help and support today that's just perfect -

how's in austin are all out the right price range a i am goignto have to be on the lease by my self - i have two dogs ( thanks again Matt) that can't be put in a apartment and i can't affpord to move my house hold cloer in for the same $$$

Today is a day not to dick with me as i'm am littler all at the end of my rope


Jul. 28th, 2006 07:41 am
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So i had to go out ot feed my dog last night - i spend too much on dog stuff but you know i know dallas is gettign a food that makes him happy and heathy also got them more treats and got austin a coller that actually buckles on so she will always have it on the other one always falls off i want to get Dallas a differnt coller too that is blue but that's a want not a need so it gets put off to another week month what ever. both dogs have food and they are difernt food so hopfully this will help budget and heath wise it's almost time for Dallas' yearly - so that needs to get budgeted in some time in set or oct - i need to get on line and order their heart worm and flea stuff. and i need to get contaners for their food so i can buy it in bulk and not have to worry about them running out on non pay week.

other than that i got the stuff to fix the dogs water dish maybe i need to looking to that bitter stuff to keep pets from bitting things (like the watter hose or i need to stop being cheap and get a second water bowl out there for them so that they can drink at the same time might be a better plan hopefully the new stuff will keep the hose fro leaking so damned much and therefore the water bill will be lower that would be nice =)

in otrher news welcome to super stressed lindsey wee this is fun back to work i go

i'm also not ready for my perts i totally tore up my legs / knees last night dealing with them =P


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