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that was the last straw
 the camels back broke

I finally burnt out at work

 today was no some much with the good day

 we have gone froom being stressed and tired , to my hair falling out , to my eye twiching, my body  just full on rejecting this job.
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hi i know I've been a shutin but the work thing has sucketh greatly - how ever - i have 3 weeks of schedule
it's a schedule i can handle it's not my fa verite schedule - but it works

off Sundays and Tuesdays starting next week 8ish to 6 ish

this shall work i can work ot with out feeling like i live here

this is a good thing

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So apparently this is a tough gig.

It's a bit of a rat race - it all about rush rush rush and it's really hard to just leave it at the office at the end of the day

and when your not official fruit it really stucks - you don't have the great insurance, you don't have a permanent job, you have all this other stuff that you are worried about and for those of you who are not a masochist. This probably isn't the job for you

people are irrational mean and nasty all day b/c they feel entiled to b/c you are just some voice ( that is probably in inda) or you don't work for apple or a million other things

If you like fixing things this not the job for you 90% of the time - it's not something you have control over nor can you affect it

And do not take this job if you think that having sick time means you can calling sick or you don't like being chained to your desk 3 months a year

the benefits once your on rock - but seriously getting on board is hard
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Today will be a long day there is an "announcement" today - and it' being hyped on the radio already so i'm sure it's goign to be nuts =P good for biz bad for my sanity

there is a opening to "backfill" in the training staff ... i've sent my resume off for that *crosses fingers*

Other news - i don't think there is a whole lot i have supremly f*ed scheduleing for the next 3 weeks - i do how ever have off for Pallas and i'm pitching a fit to get off for CMA we have a new system here and i think it's a bit stupid but there you are they didn't ask me what i thought abotu it so blah

how ever due F*ed schduleing i have a 3 day weekend this weekend =) trying to decied what to do ?

thinking dogs to dog park maybe with swimmng clothes this time so the dogs will get in to the water more and like maybe swim - they were super funny last week when theye were down there

Sat no idea Sun day no idea - right now sleep sounds like a wonderful idea - cause man am i tired - i'm back dodin that insomnia thing again - i can't pn down what i'm worries abotu per se so i can't just fix it then move on it's sounding like i needto go back to wine and hot baths. andstarting my wind down earlier - like by 8pm dogs in bed me in bed room gettign ready for sleep last night i didin't even get home untill almost 9 and fell asleep some time after 11 but b4 1am when i called "the boy" and woke him up it wasn't 1 am there - but he had said he would call so .....

i am a silly girl really people i just have to say - i need to figure out how i'm doing this camping thing i need to find out if my air matress wwas tamered with last time or if it's really got a hole in it (n.b. plan $$ for camping stuff in next 6 monthes) i havea futon that i can take with me - but then if it rains that is not water proof ... air matresses are *shurg* (n.b.) send $ in for camping and e-mail abot it today )

9/11 - yeah i didin't post about it yeasterday - it's kinda strange it's been 5 years i know excatly where i was when the planes hit i know what i did the rest of that day. onthe 5 year mark - i reflected on the fact that we have not brought any of the people responsible to justice, we have killed more americans in a war to "free" people who don't need or want us there; My brother and boy are all eligible for draft. We have no reasonable idea when this "war on terror"( our own little terroistic campaign) is going to be over. there is stilla pit in NYC. There are at last count i read just under 1000 people"missing" in the trade center b/c there is not enough DNA availble to attempt to ID them, to those who have no closer yet i hope you find peace.

I know this is not ver PC but i really am growing to dis like the hopla with 9/11 - it is a tragic event but at this point everytime the administertion wants to stomp on our rights they drag out 9/11 and beatthe public with it - i think it's time to move forward - not forget but seriouly we need to stop using 9/11 as a catch all for anything. to quote a much wiser dead man "Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security" -Benjamin Franklin
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I have been declared not a real person been told i'm not listening and i just freakign had it up to here today - toaday is 2.5 hours in my day -

i'm sick and i know i can't get aproval to go home b/c we are "spikey" gah

I LOVE LOVE LOVELOVE my job i hate the people on the phnes today
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that's all i have to say about that ;)


May. 23rd, 2006 07:03 am
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Could everyone pause for a few min today around 10:30am and thing hired or green or job

i have an interview at the fruit basket - i am phsyically ill about it - so calm thougths are good too =)

aum aum aum
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camping was good more about that sillyness later- for now the important thing is ...

YOU must obey me for i have been declared satan untill some time in early july

"hunt the wabit hunt the wabit" - please don't ask i can't explain it to you - or if i did i'd have to kill you

after 3 days in the woods a warm bath feels great

friut basket is hiring

and i learned something new about chinese astrology ther are 5 types of dog or ox or .. what ever you are

for those who care i am a water dog matt is a Wood Rat
water dog )
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Dear Mr. customer

You have a "light bulb" and are complaining about the sound being staticy - this means one of two things you have the volume too high or you are really picky about sound quality. Either way it's in your power to control. In response to your question as to whether or not the headphones are good - they are perfectly acceptable the the are better ones on the market if you want great sound quality they start at about 99$ a set - have fun with that =)

Second, you purchased a 3rd party product from us on the web where it clearly states that you would want to contact that company for warranty and tech support. When I offered you the web page you told me that you have no computer - I find this hard to believe since you have to have one in order to get music on your "light bulb". Please make up a better lie next time this also begs the question if you are hearing static on you "light bulb" and you don't have a computer them perhaps there is nothing wrong with the ear phones you are listening to the magnetic pulses of the "light bulb” just being on which are kind of staticy.

Perhaps in the future you should not lie to your customer service people and learn how to read!

Many thanks!

Fruit Basket
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Okay we will try this again - if you are squining to see it click it them click it again that should blow it up to readable - untill i can get it to a web guru to blow it up and not be fuzzy
April PM
the way it works low scores = good scores - 1 perfect; 5 you burn in hell. i rock at my job why can't i get hired ? What it all means: Rollovers - call comes in rings 3 rings if you don't answer it it goes in to never never land and the cus gets droped eventually - this is bad. To score a "1" you can have 0 rolls on a month Quality - this is bassed on a average of the 1-4 calls they listen to and score in a month 100 - 95 scores a "1" Utlization - how much of my time percentage wise is spent availble for helping customer - tells them how productive i am they shoot for 86 to get a "1" Those 3 things come together to make my Productivity score Attendance to score a "1" you can't have any un planned absences at all Proficancey score is Productiviy plus attendance the goal is to have a "1" Saves (save the order) - is how many orders i threw a certain percentage of money at to get them to keep the order. no money thrown no STO Errors - this is when co workers narc on you - it's bad peopel try not to do it unless you screwed up bad above and byond - this is how much you kiss a** or how much you go above and beyond your job - my manger aperantly hates giving out "1" Errors+STO+ A&B = Competencies Score and the Productivity = 70% weight + Competencies Score = 30% weight - gets you my monthly score that's the break down =)
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so this is day one of my 7am-4pm shift - i feel like death - that's about ho i always feel at 7am - i haven't had any tea yet and i can't get my voice running which is kinda sucky since i answer phones for a living *smerk*

i pulled 17 jobs from the statesman last night i need to apply for and fax info to some of them - have i metioned that job hunting sucks? i'll get better with it once i get an interveiw or two - i need to send info out today via mail for one position. which means i need to print resumes - which means i should ask dad about that printer he has - i know i could have stuff printered at kinkos but i have burned my budget for the week so no $$ till pay day.

i bought the dogs a Kong and ... the puppy is in love i bought the super tuff one b/c she chews alot - like at puppy hight no bark left on my trees. so here's hoping she stops chewing every thing in the yard

Thoughts on H.S. - come about while waiting on laura's show to start

highschool sweethearts: this is not an over rated experiance Crystal and Juan are hs sweethearts. It's a good and heathy thing, teachesyou to love and be open and accept love early. And when it works out in the longer run it's really great b/c if you can make it thru hs and college together thru allthe changes - they really will be there for you no matter what

It's a blessing to be that young it reminded me how bitter and jaded i really am about life and love- it's also firgening how bad people i think are bitter and jaded must be!
I also think i figured out what cause part of the issues with matt and i over x-mas - I am almost incapable of being young and stupid. I never really got to be i went from 5 to 30 and that didn't leave alot of time for sillimess or playing amd it left zero room for stupidity. Guys like that too - they like the silly young and stupid thing i can give that to any one. and maybe it's b/c no one has ever asked it of me - they just went else where for it - and as long as they tellme they are doing that it's fine - it's the hiding it thing that gets me. I was sitting in the "pit" with laura at intermission and her sr. sara was there with her s.o. who is in the army and they were playing he stole her sandwich and she stole it back and then he took her shoe and threw it across the pit and then she pleded and whine till he got it for her. It's a part of me that i'm not okay with and never had validated and i guess boys like that stuff i sould attempt to cultivate that in me. It is okay to be silly and act like a normal girl - i do not have to be perfect all the time. it's okay to blush - be embarassed it's good for you.

Just got back from a communication meeting they try to have them every 6 months or so - i really wanted to be excused from te meeting the agenda included all the things that they were going to be doing for the next 6 mothes to make x-mas more bearble this year - i won't be here so what do i care really that they are moving buildings for more better space in late july and that they have better planning and they wanted to thank us for our hard work (but not hire me ). I'm being stupid about this job thing - i need to focus my "work/job/career" engery away from the fruit basket and into finding a job but i still could get hired here so it's hard not to give 110% of me to this gig. to make my whole situation funnier they are goingto have an overflow call canter in MESA AZ - that's where matt is for those of you who don't know - it's not run my apple - but i thought about moveing out there in sept - i've decided not to but i still found that funny. i need to step up from 15 jobs a day to 30 - it's going to be hard to do but seriously would improve my chances of getting hired - i also need to go to book stores and see about getting hired there - *sigh* bcak from lunch now i go to work


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