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we have talked about mead and linguists and dialect and tattoos and... we are officially out of things to talk about

oh yeah and the phones messed up - I haven't taken a call all morning
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Does any one have a "cancan" girl outfit that could be loaned out to me for one day ....

Work themes this year are Hippies(like you could tell who was "dressed up") Disco and Wild West

I was thinking saloon girl .. so if you have something let me know there are prizes to be won and shared ;)

MY day

Oct. 24th, 2006 05:03 pm
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October 24 2006
10am DEATH
11am LUNCH
12pm DEATH
3pm TEA

Todays BPAL is Drink me - b/c I spent the morning in rookie camp and I know this one doesn't make people sneeze - smell warm and like coconuts
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Yesterday's BPAL Excolo: Bastet: Bast, Ubasti, Ailuros, Ba-en-Aset. Represented as both a domestic cat and a fierce lioness, she truly evidences traits of both. She is the Mother of All Cats, Goddess of Sensuality, Fertility, and a guardian and protector of women. She is also one of the Eyes of Ra, and in that aspect is an Avenging Goddess, seeking retribution and punishing enemies of her people. Luxuriant amber, warm Egyptian musk, fierce saffron and soft myrrh, almond, cardamom and golden lotus.
In the Bottle: Almonds Lotus Amber
On me ->
Wet: Almonds and myrrh
Drying: smells like Egypt looks no single not sticks out
Dry: Sweet and sexy - a serious turn on
Hours Later: I could still smell this when I fell asleep last night after my bath
this is totally a keeper - 5 ml even ... Not that any one should per se be surprised at this ;)

I am very mush looking forward to splitting the imps from EBAY and ordering some more stuff from the lab - imps an some 5ml of the Limited Editions .... But those will have to wait for the OT to start 1st b/c on hour of over time covers the cost of one bottle * thinks fondly of the fun I could have with that *3 personal imps left in my box ...... *sigh*

other new still no rent from roomies while on one hand it's nice to be standing on my own ..... The flip side is I'm broke all the time .... This makes bills and what not very hard - poot - ah well it will get better

so there is some muck going around my department every one is coughing all the time and sneezing and drinking ...... TEA - my evil plot is working - my evil plot to clarify is the tea not the sick parts.

sounds like I was smart not to go camping this weekend it was cold and windy and since I would have tot spend that time along in my tent - it would have sucked ass - the are no glowing reports of how much this weekend rocked peoples socks - so I'm thinking the only thing I missed was seeing some people .... I know where you live I will come visit.

I should pretend to work now
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So the weather is cold - and I'm just slightly grumbly b/c I know which BPAL I wanted wear today and it's in the box headed to CMA, no I didn't keep any back for me I thought carly should get the run of them all =) since that was kind a the point - but should i have ahad the scent i wanted the daily BPAL would have been The Norns - Verandi b/c it smells like fall on me and I like it a lot.

How ever fear not I have my personal imps here I just don't know which I should try. I wanted something that smelled warm - which is defiantly drink me but it's also all foodie - and I'm not sure I want to smell like food today.

Now having reviewed the scents on line it's really a tie btwn drink me and morocco....

In other news I hate my job - I'm really not liking it at all this morning - there's no real reason ..... I'm just tired of people and for those of you who missed Serdia's post here's the link here is what I want to say every time some yahoo form the north east bitches about driving 10 miles to pick up the fruit they had sent to an address they couldn't be at to sign for something

he Court being somewhat familiar with the Northeast, notes that perceptions about travel are different in that part of the country than they are in Texas. A litigant in that part of the country might be shocked at having to travel fifty miles to try a case, but in this vast state of Texas, such a travel distance would not be viewed with any surprise or consternation. Defendant should be assured that it is not embarking on a three-week-long trip via covered wagons when it travels to Galveston. Rather, Defendant will be pleased to discover that the highway is paved and lighted all the way to Galveston, and thanks to the effors of this Court's predecessor, Judge Roy Bean, the trip should be free from rustlers, hooligans, or vicious varmints of unsavory kind. Defendant will be pleased to know that regular limousine service is available from Hobby Airport, even to the steps of this humble courthouse, which has got lights, indoor plummin', 'lectric doors, and all sorts of new stuff, almost like them big courthouses back East.

how ever since playing nice is my job I just apologize and fix it - for them deserving or other wise
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So the shift bid came in i have monday and tues day off ...... 7-4 wed- fri and sat - sunday 9-6 i think ...... the man lied to me

he said he trired to keep our choises in the top 8 that was 32nd on my list ........ WTF
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It's lunch - i am over welhmed withthe B.S. at work today - i have acomputer that is slow i have phone what does not work i will be taking "angry" calls at soem point to day and i can't fine a damn thing on my desk due to stupid move with out telling me grrrrrrrrr - also i'm F*ing sick of a 10:30 am lunch especially when i have have to work over time - i don't know about y'all but 10 : 30 am has never been a lunch time to me and i can't do the rest of the damn day with out any food it doesn't work

I slept last night - i iced my legs likea good girl i had juice i did some light streching - i and i slept i work up around 1am when matt called me back and iced my legs - and then i work up fully rested at about 5 am worring that i have over slept - so i lounged about and thanks to mom got strbucks this morning

i uploaded the pics from my camera and now i should go eat b/c i will have to kill soemone soon if i can't get some of this stuff done

but the "good" news is that baring any schedule changes i have this weekend off ? can that be right - looks like for the next couple of weks i have weekends off .... i'm sure that wil be changeing

food and cube shuffling now
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Please allow people to know what they want b4 calling a compny for help like calling sales when they want to make an order instead of post sales whrn they don't have an order yet na d need to place on thanks !!!!

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i totally thoguht today was friday

that was just wish full thinking - so for those who care

Sched. for the next week
06.23.06 10-7
06.24.06 9:30-6
06.25.06 off
06.26.06 7-4
06.27.06 off
06.28.06 7-4
06.29.06 7-4
06.30.06 7-4

any way life expolded on monday and things are still a bt shakey in my little corner of the world - but that's okay there is S-n- B tomorrow as tomorrow is friday - i should go - mental note ... pack you crafty stuff b4 coming to work

I continue with out phone or e-mail at the house shoudl you be wanting to do anything i suggest e-mailing me and i can be in a place to call you =)
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so i told me mangaer i had a job offer i was thinking about very seriously and he promtly got back to me and wanted to know if i would decline to offer if i knew that there would be a round of hiring in a few days even if i didin't know that i would get a badge.

*fruit basket holds out the carrot*

*'drug resits urge to say "yes'*

i told them i would decline the offer IF i was sure there was a round of hiring andi was almost positively getting a badge. since i can't afford not to be employed =)

*fruit basket takes carrot back* they will be looking for a better bigger carrot

I in the mean time am going to cal this new job and ask them what kinda 3 month raise they were talking about .25 .50 1.00 2.00 really 2 would be best but i need to know b/c i really don't wanna waste their time or mine - ands since i'm the bread winner i need to know - you know they seem like reasonable folk - that will take thema few days to get back to me about i'm sure by then maybe we will know

Also i hope to gods that my cell is back on by then b/c i might have had several morte offers but they can't reach me since the phone is off for those of you who may have tried to reach me 512-535-2782 iis the house =)

this is my after noon break i need to hunt down my tea =)

i get to go home early yay!


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