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Not sure what i did wrong, but after about 2 am i wake up every hour i go right back to sleep, but still. Also I am losing the bottle to get my body to work right i sent most of yesterday appearing drunk (no i have not been drinking). I was stumbling in to walls at work and  i all most fell in the kitchen and i did fall down a half flight of stairs. i for got t morning dose of the meds today and i'm slightly more aware of stuff. at least the letters are not moving on the key board today

and in the further complication of shit i have come kinda cold /allergies, and so says James i have been moaning in my sleep (not that you perves)
 and the pain level is back to a 5 or 6 (due to allegies/cold) and a fever =P i so want to go home today and rest  and it's so not happening

Quickies ?

Nov. 7th, 2006 11:01 am
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South African invents "snappy" condom

Exerpt: The new condom, already available on the South African market, is applied without having to first remove it from the wrapper.

The wrapper is simply snapped open in the middle, and the two sides gripped to roll the condom directly over the penis, pulled off and discarded.

"If you're slow, it'll take you three seconds. You can really do it in one," Van Rensburg's former partner Roelf Mulder told AFP Sunday. Mulder, who helped develop the mechanism, explained the wrapper contains tiny, soft plastic hooks that unroll the condom from the inside as the wrapper is pulled dExcerpt:.

Link to article :
Want to but to try click here :


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