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for those of you who are new go here Only a few pics of me nothing really scary

 for pics that might freak you worriers (or mom's) out - please skip this link it's the pics of the car. the top of it was pushed in to the car so they could tow it - it was sticking stight up in the air from what i hear the night of the wreck

Reflection on this benchmark:

So where am i now:

in debt OMFG in debt - i need to decide about suing USAA  for the remainder of my medical bills  it comes out to about 5-6K not counting doctors visits and therapy and new glasses and and and ....

I am healing, both physically and emotionally plus the others. It's a slow process with a lot of learning curves that i don't like but it's getting better one day at a time, just like the legs

I have a great job - i'm not overly fond of it but that's okay. it pays the bills

I'm living at home to help the debt thing - it's going to get okay

On a non related note Song to download later:Casinos- then you can tell me goodbye

Day 54

Aug. 23rd, 2006 08:00 am
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Accident Injurue record

My face is healing well - as a matter of fact unless i'm hot or blushing you can't tell that i've ben hit with a cow.

The little scare on my neck is still bothering me - i'm pretty sure that i'm the only one who notices that any more

My legs ... i have to get back in for PT i still am hav9ing a hard time with bending my leg ( stairs and releasingthe clutch) they tell me this is b/c my knee cap is "off track" wich mean all the legs bones don't move right. but i am driving my care al be it painfuly at times. i also hve my toe rings back on my feet (blood free now ) THey are still bruised painfully in some places pics to follow soon

moveing in to the new place on 08.29.06 =)

day 2 PT

Jul. 15th, 2006 10:26 pm
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6min on bike 
6 min on total gym one level higher 
20 reps of tilt, heel slide, leg lift, heel tap, heel digs(right side only),heel pulls on ball (left side only),quad pulls, leg streches, toe streches  
spelled the alphabet with my feet ( only one minor shootin pain thru the leg ) 

Cause comeplete center to come to a halt 

there are uaslly about 3-4 assitants in the room when i'm there 

i wore shorts so the caould see the legs since that's what we are mostly trying to work on .....  apperantly no one ever comes in with a fun story about why they are there - hitting a cow + the brusise 14 days later are apparntly impressive as i have all over the lower part of my left leg ( yes that does include the bottom on my foot ) and the contution under my right knee 

i have printer pics of me and car that what when they ask i can just hand it to them =) 

in other news i "worked" with my mother today to sitt around while she delivered a wedding we went shopping i came home had vicoden and slept till 7 my legs are still swollen and i'm gogint o get ice and and taske out my contacts and go back to bed withthe pirates on =)
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PT: slide your right arm down you r right leg and bend to the side as far as you can 
* does so hand goes to knee or lower on that side not back issues to speak of *
*PT and assisant make oh and ah noises *
PT : so you have always been this flexable ....?
Me : yes i do yoga 
PT : hey that's inmportnat how much and how often 
*I tell him* 
PT: well then .... this is goingto be fun 

Wash rinse repaeat for left side , touching the floor and back bend. 

later add in shoulders and neck 

untill they saw my legs ... they couldn'ty figure out why i was there  - i'll take that as a good sign =) 

 what was dome med to light massage on my back apperntly i am indeed a freak they do this "skin roll/ pinch" thing down your back and it hurt all the way to my torasic area  and stopped. They also do this poking thing and pressing and where the skinroll stopped hurtiung the pressing thing started to sent shooting pain down my spine. my PT tells me this is not normal .... okay so i'm not normal but i get my back rubbed with a hearty suggesting that i envest in a massage theropist ( start budgeting now for 2 hours once a week , need to find a away to get insurance to sover that )  alo was made to get on a sationary bike - which i could zoom around on but it hut my lrft leg so i had to do it slower  then i did leg presses with my body weight on a very low incline. then they had mty do ab work out becuse int he corse of examining me .... we dis coverd i'm sway backed .. i knew this it's not accident releated but i need it fixed so i'm  going to let them fix it for me =)  

now plan meds nap and cross stich
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Dinning on my enimies flesh Dinning on my enimies flesh

my 1st steak on day 3 yum yum
day 4 clean hair now  wear bruise green yellow eyshadow day 4 clean hair now wear bruise green yellow eyshadow

i am getting better uglier but better
day 4 clean hair now  wear bruise green yellow eyshadow day 4 clean hair now wear bruise green yellow eyshadow

new shad of eye shadow
don't you just love the bruiseing there don't you just love the bruiseing there

lovely colors yes it's le be the new fashion soon

Iand i have now run out of spoons
 i'm giving you a link to laura pics of the car thear disturbing to alot of people so you have been warned

Laura has informewd me that it is un locked so everyone can see
i swear my adventures will be typed soon


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