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Don't cry to me
If you loved me
You would be here with me
You want me
Confine me
Make up your mind

Should I let you fall
Lose it all
So maybe you can remember yourself
Can't keep believing
We're only deceiving ourselves
And I'm sick of the lie
And you're too late

Don't cry to me
If you loved me
You would be here with me
You want me
Confine me
Make up your mind

Couldn't take the blame
Sick with shame
Must be exhausting to lose your own game
Selfishly hated
No wonder you're jaded
You can't play the victim this time
And you're too late

Don't cry to me
If you loved me
You would be here with me
You want me
Confine me
Make up your mind

You never call me when you're sober
You only want it cause it's over
It's over

How could I have burned paradise?
How could I? You were never mine!

So don't cry to me
If you loved me
You would be here with me
Don't lie to me
Just get your things
I've made up your mind

check in

May. 26th, 2006 08:27 am
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it has been a long fucked up week here in my world - i'm physically and emotionally exhused - and if i knew for sure that part of my family would not be upset i would forgo this blessed trip to Scarb and dallas all together and stay at home and sleep and work on my house .....

that is not he case

Monday - work backto land o muggles
Tuesday - Interview, Empolyyee of the month meeting, volt meeting, writted warning for burrning incence inthe smokeing section at work
wednesday- volt meeting, emergancey meeting with volt so stupid slut in volt office at apple could give me my write up, home
Thurday - OT supposed to go by mom's place totally forgot - got plane tix of OK trip 3-4th
Friday here i sit just dreaming about staying home ...... *sigh* oh well

i have ot today as well and i have to og by mom's place after work i can not for get can not
My body is choosing to engagin proff o am a breedable women this week as well which adds and edge to everything i didin't need - i'm still al pissy with matt of something he contiunes to applogized for but hasn't stopped doing yet ........ bah *hands herself some cheese to go wit my whine*

i turned the other job offer i had - this was likly stupid but it really just was not enoguht $$ - so it would have sucked any way the crazy peple calling in to day are goign to have me breaking my teeth from griting them i have no idea if there is any money that is un budgeted in my account so i have no idea if i can go get breakfast or lunch ..... i'm tired of that it's startign to piss me off i've worked too hard for to have to be wondering shit like that ... bah =P

i think i'm done now

crazy dream

Mar. 1st, 2006 11:50 am
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so last night i had a dream

i was working at "world market" type store in Dallas and the couple i was assisting was looking a these bowls full of orchids (fresh ones piled in bowls like rose petals purple and red ones in case any one cares). the couple had knocked a whole bowl of them over and i was cleaning them up off the floor, when matt walks up and scared me by tappng my shoulder - after which he proceeds to tell me that he needs me to wite down 6 times that "i have a birth mark in the the shape of a cloud on my right leg " so as to i.d. me to the county office where, if i'm willing, he will be getting a marirage licence. i have already started writing, while still picking up flowers, and all of a sudden that last bit clicks .... marriage !!!! i stop toss the flowers out of my hands and give him a huge hug and kiss .. then the alarm when to off as matt was leaveing for the court house.
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