Dec. 27th, 2009

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one of my co workers is about 4-5 weeks behind me with her baby. She has had such a physically difficult pregnancy , i am EXTREMELY grateful that mine has been mostly a breeze and the only really disappointing thing for me is that i don't get to labor(yes i am nuts).

 still waiting to get to a computer with a  working disc drive so i can upload the reat of my belly bump pics

The house is mostly together (or about as together as it's ever going to be, the kiddo has a place to sleep, clothes, diapers,  and all the other millions of little things that  that my huge baby will need once he's here. the car seat needs to be installed in my car; my bag, the diaper bag, James' bag and the pack and play need to be loaded in to the car

 The current plan calls for the C- section to be  on 12.30.09 at 9 am, ui get 4 days in the hospital(unless something goes totally wrong) so i should be able to got to my mom's  on the 2nd or 3rd depending on how insurance counts the "days". i'll stay at mom's house till my birthda, since that will be the 1st day off James has so i will for sure have help at the house. Mom will be in and out i'm sure but she is allergic to my fur babies, which is why i'm staying at her house the 1st couple days  reather than her staying here where we have a had tiem containg the cats dander. By the time the let me go home i could be able to get up and out for short bits of time so long as i'm  not the one driving. My research seems to inicate that  i can't be the one driving for at least 2 weeks.  this is a huge drag

Still a bit diffcult to believe that in 3 days i'll get to see the little monster i've been growning all year. it's even stranger that we will calmly drive to the hospital and just have a baby, no labor no contractions no paniced daddy.

 i think i've serfed the inter webs enought for today i should prbably find me a food, take a nap, and drink some more water 

Also i find i don't miss work. i thought i'd be going bonkers with out a "job" todo but mostly i've been dooing theh incubator thing and some light cleaning.  once Aidens out and i'm able to get up and do stuff i could see how being a house wife would agree with me alot


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