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So it would appears that I am going to be missing all camping events  till spring at least, and then only a day pass *grumbles* I'll actually be off for the Yule camp out  but if the baby is on time (and they never are) I will still be in the hospital and the kiddo only a few days old. If I’m not in the hospital I’ll likely not be approved to go any place other than home or someplace closer to the hospital like mom's house. Samhain camping  has already been nixed by the doc and DH  and anyone else who I’m hinted I might want to go for either event even on a day pass ......

kiddo will be 3-4 months at Beltane that is a possible day trip

But in non grumps about the piglet world,  I have wonderful news the bleeding has stopped entirely. It’s wonderful to be back to normal. I see the doctor on Tuesday for the monthly "hi your not dead” visit. Next baby I’m finding a different doc this one doesn't seem to like me or James or my mom overly much.  it's not even bad bedside manner b/c that I can deal with she has no manner at and no personality, also she knew about the potential for bleeding and failed to mention it to me which would have at least caused me not to panic and know that if it happened we were okay and that it was not a big deal

Any one have a good OBGYN you like?

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camping was good more about that sillyness later- for now the important thing is ...

YOU must obey me for i have been declared satan untill some time in early july

"hunt the wabit hunt the wabit" - please don't ask i can't explain it to you - or if i did i'd have to kill you

after 3 days in the woods a warm bath feels great

friut basket is hiring

and i learned something new about chinese astrology ther are 5 types of dog or ox or .. what ever you are

for those who care i am a water dog matt is a Wood Rat
water dog )


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