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Last night I washed the dog yes just one dog - Dallas cause he stank - he now smells like dog wish is okay I guess being that he is a dog. We had to work to convince him that the bath tub is really okay it won't eat you and stuff - so one clean dog - the other one needs a bath today and the cats need to be washed as well ......

House it's in reasonable order daddy is cleaning most of it while I'm at work today =) my room needs some help but I can work on that after I leave the basket today

Me - dude I have an okay life it's not everything I want but I doesn't suck either

This new lateral promotion thing not good for my health - I have chewed a raw spot on my tongue in my sleep my jaw hurts from clenching it in my sleep my body is tired my allergies suck i feel like I'm drowning whick makes moving about hard - i can't go tot he doctore b/c i can't get time off and to go i can't afford to go to dotcor b/c mi'm bearly eacking by money wise at this house - i havin't seen matt in a couple weeks b/c i can't get a damned reasonable schedule bah - I really need to know that I have locked in schedule that I like that will allow me to see matt - I'm not sure I'll get tit but I can try

I'm done for now
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So the shift bid came in i have monday and tues day off ...... 7-4 wed- fri and sat - sunday 9-6 i think ...... the man lied to me

he said he trired to keep our choises in the top 8 that was 32nd on my list ........ WTF


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