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So James and i wanted to get a house soon-ish, in order to do this i need to figure out  how much debt i  have and how to clear  it up

I have most of it figured out,  well except how to pay for it  the 1st thing that has to come off it is  the stupid matt related apartment stuff,  it took 2 hours of searching  to find the darn # for the company that is doing the collections on it. either they are really picky about who they higher or i just extremely lucky and good a nice person, he read off what everything was and here's the thing of the 2K they claim i owe them  about 1500 is rent 2.5 months of it  we moved out 2.5 months early, supposidly matt's dad took care of that. the rest of it i can work out and pay off , while paying for the wedding ... , it just pisses me off to no end that all i need is one damn credit card slip/bill or invoice that proves that he did that part of it and that's 1500 that i don't have to try and scrap out, and it's not like he or his dad are hard up for cash  shit  someone bought 2 new cars last year.

The college stuff my grandparents  were supposed to be helping me with .... not sure what the hell i'm going to do about that, she doesnt' like James so this is making it difficult to get her to pitch in for either the wedding or the debt,  which is also   frusterating me.  this  is the larger and harder one to work off ,

any thing else on there is either resolved or small enought that i can do it with out worrying about it too much  those are the 2 big ones

........ sigh - where is that over time when i need it

actually it will probably be here soon there is a apple conferance today .... that's always good for some ot

Home is good  for the most part barring the room mate issues,  the cat is big geeze i need to get new pics of him  he's gotten very long , i've had to change how i hold him can't cradle him any more my arms are too short , he is now a shoulder  cat  b/c that's the only space i have that he fits.

James is back in amarillo this week taking care of some school stuff / and getting some more of his stuff  from his folks houses

also i'm going to try walking to work more often it takes about 25-30 mins right now and that's with me not hurrying  not a bad walk in the morning or afternoon for that matter  legs are a bit sore today, but in a good way

Work ah yes well let me just say  that retro grade has not helped the banks any - they seem to being even more difficult than normal

that's about it  till have way too much lunch left ..... and no car to drive for food ... just see what delivers here
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a few days late but i finally reclaimed one part of my house ( i have 4 boys and a cat so cut me some slack), the kitchen and have my offering to bridgid up - i have been cooking and cleaning for what feels like days - the next 2 day i think the kitchen staff has off

i also have been having alot of fear and an overwhelming feeling of being overwhelmed - James has been sick really sick and has missed alot of work. i'm very worried about his health right now and the soonest a specialist can see him is the 20th of feb - i'm hoping he holds up that long.

I drew runes today not out of a bag but mediated on and then drew the ones that came to mind - and from what i can tell they were 1. mystery/initiation 2. protection/communing with the gods 3. tempering/"need fire"/trial by fire and 4. endurance/inner peace. so i guess i just need to be strong and keep working hard.

i think that's it for now
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there are a billion things happening in the next several months ...... Moving CMA Pallas Celtic fest Pow wow ... um work

Yes after 2 years of people bitching and moaning about schedule - there is now (at least for my dept.) a scheduling "focus group" i'm really not that they will actually affect any change but the effort is noted and will for the time being assuage my bitch fest about how crappy scheduling is

 Right now while they attempt yo find something to focus on ... they have extended the current schedule out till oct this would be great but .... that tis the week be for CMA it would be nice to have schedule going in to CMA  how ever that must wait (damn it all )

In other news they cut back our "open" hours .. they discovered thru another "focus group" people don't like to work late !!!! * i'm very surprised- can you feel it * so we are only open till 10 not midnight and then 8-6 on the weekends rather than 8 - midnight  so this is a good thing - i also means that we have a sudden drop in calls after about 1 pm - b/c the 3 shifts that start after that all now come in at that time =) it's nice i likey the slower afternoons

Events coming up : wow yes now please i need time away from work  now i am getting burn out Camping now please

Moving yes from Mom's to a apartment across from work is VERA nice 

home for lunch? no problem
Sleep till 15 before the shift ? yes
Life will be sweet .... very sweet

Imma run away now *waves* bye
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yesterday miracles of miracles I was sent home at 2:18 pm - so went home then drove to Waco - had dinner with matt =) and since he had a hotel ..... i stayed the night;)

how ever that means i had to drive home this morning - dude that is a long a** drive in the A.M. - b/c texas does those werid night speed limits. *whimper* I made it to work on time I am still sans caffeine - that shall be fixed shortly

There is also a rumor that my lateral promotion might be going away - how sad - I'm not terrible y upset by this since I was promoted with out pay I have had insomnia, nightmares about work, my hair is falling out, and I've just been a general mess. - I'm okay with this. I'm only at gig for a few more months - so people should you want any toys form the fruit basket at a mad discount ......... Let me know =) so we can hook you up with it

in other news I think I'm going to have to sit on matt to get him up on this idea about getting a place and date earlier than 1 year out is a good thing there are several venues I'm looking at and they fill up fast .... =/  I'm getting the thoughts on Bridesmaid dresses - and i need to start looking at mine - *sigh*

so that's the latest with me

 Oh I watched the bush announcement last night - it sound like we are going to be attacking Syria and Iran soon   - that's just great .... just  what we need
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Having read Endora's post - my day feels like a cake walk comparatively - I don't know if I have the flu or a cold or my allergies just suck more then normal but I feel like I'm going to die.

They have fixed my phone (at work) this is a great thing for CCO and not such a great thing for me - I haven't been sleeping well and I haven’t been getting that much sleep - I'm restless and can't get comfortable - my legs hurt - and you know how you get when you feel like one more slightly wrong thing is going to send you over the edge crying or screaming - that's me

Endora I have your white rabbit. Are you working tomorrow? I'm off work and could drop it by

I need to log in now
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Relationships - things are good here - there are many things i can't talk about here - there will be a locked a post some place later - but things are right where they need to be

Life: Busy! Work is ramping up. I got my tree almost all the way up the last 2 rows of branches of the tree still need to be put on but the holder is broken for the second to last row - pics below - I'm trying to decide about whether or not I actually need to to add those last 2 rows. I need ornament hooks and i need to get to the other ornaments from mom's place. It's been pretty relaxing getting the lights on the tree and the tree up - we need to look in to getting a bigger tree skirt if we are going to put the last rows on. House is shaping up and we may look in to keeping it kinda the way it is. M. has been working on the tickets (thankyou) and the house mate stuff (thanks again). also I'm on cingluar thatks agin to M. it's great one less bill to pay.

Dogs: have been playing hard they have been sleeping like rocks they wouldn't even lift their heads up so that i could take their bark collars off last night and they didn't want to get up - silly lazy dogs.

Work: the explicative words have not been invented yet to describe the mess that is the work situation right now - need less to say they are paying made crazy money to have me on this stupid schedule bending all kinda rules and if the could just put me back on a "normal schedule "- or the one i asked for things would be cheaper and easier all the way 'round for them. This week i got shift differential plus over time (on the shift differntial) plus holiday pay plus flexible lunches ......
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in other news I'm loving the jail bait - and I’ll update more later have a shadow this morning colors say .. )
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Last night I washed the dog yes just one dog - Dallas cause he stank - he now smells like dog wish is okay I guess being that he is a dog. We had to work to convince him that the bath tub is really okay it won't eat you and stuff - so one clean dog - the other one needs a bath today and the cats need to be washed as well ......

House it's in reasonable order daddy is cleaning most of it while I'm at work today =) my room needs some help but I can work on that after I leave the basket today

Me - dude I have an okay life it's not everything I want but I doesn't suck either

This new lateral promotion thing not good for my health - I have chewed a raw spot on my tongue in my sleep my jaw hurts from clenching it in my sleep my body is tired my allergies suck i feel like I'm drowning whick makes moving about hard - i can't go tot he doctore b/c i can't get time off and to go i can't afford to go to dotcor b/c mi'm bearly eacking by money wise at this house - i havin't seen matt in a couple weeks b/c i can't get a damned reasonable schedule bah - I really need to know that I have locked in schedule that I like that will allow me to see matt - I'm not sure I'll get tit but I can try

I'm done for now

MY day

Oct. 24th, 2006 05:03 pm
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October 24 2006
10am DEATH
11am LUNCH
12pm DEATH
3pm TEA

Todays BPAL is Drink me - b/c I spent the morning in rookie camp and I know this one doesn't make people sneeze - smell warm and like coconuts
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Yesterday's BPAL Excolo: Bastet: Bast, Ubasti, Ailuros, Ba-en-Aset. Represented as both a domestic cat and a fierce lioness, she truly evidences traits of both. She is the Mother of All Cats, Goddess of Sensuality, Fertility, and a guardian and protector of women. She is also one of the Eyes of Ra, and in that aspect is an Avenging Goddess, seeking retribution and punishing enemies of her people. Luxuriant amber, warm Egyptian musk, fierce saffron and soft myrrh, almond, cardamom and golden lotus.
In the Bottle: Almonds Lotus Amber
On me ->
Wet: Almonds and myrrh
Drying: smells like Egypt looks no single not sticks out
Dry: Sweet and sexy - a serious turn on
Hours Later: I could still smell this when I fell asleep last night after my bath
this is totally a keeper - 5 ml even ... Not that any one should per se be surprised at this ;)

I am very mush looking forward to splitting the imps from EBAY and ordering some more stuff from the lab - imps an some 5ml of the Limited Editions .... But those will have to wait for the OT to start 1st b/c on hour of over time covers the cost of one bottle * thinks fondly of the fun I could have with that *3 personal imps left in my box ...... *sigh*

other new still no rent from roomies while on one hand it's nice to be standing on my own ..... The flip side is I'm broke all the time .... This makes bills and what not very hard - poot - ah well it will get better

so there is some muck going around my department every one is coughing all the time and sneezing and drinking ...... TEA - my evil plot is working - my evil plot to clarify is the tea not the sick parts.

sounds like I was smart not to go camping this weekend it was cold and windy and since I would have tot spend that time along in my tent - it would have sucked ass - the are no glowing reports of how much this weekend rocked peoples socks - so I'm thinking the only thing I missed was seeing some people .... I know where you live I will come visit.

I should pretend to work now
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Yesterdays BPAL: Bewitching Brews : Leanan Sidhe: Most of the Gaelic poets, down to quite recent times, have had a Leanhaun Shee, for she gives inspiration to her slaves and is indeed the Gaelic muse -- this malignant fairy. Her lovers, the Gaelic poets, died young. She grew restless and carried them away to other worlds, for death does not destroy her power. – W.B. Yeats

The name translates to "fairy, love of my soul". A vampiric spirit and a dark muse, the love of the Leanan Sidhe is both a gift and a curse. These eerily beautiful Irish spirits drain the sanity and lifeforce of the men they inspire to artistic greatness. Her kiss infuses a man with poetic greatness and depth of vision and feeling, otherworldly passion, and a sudden and ineffable understanding of the unending sadness that plagues mankind. Her perfume is a crush of Irish herbs and flowers, Gaelic mists, and nighttime dew.
In the bottle: Astringent herbs and chemicals
On me ->
Wet :Herbs no more chemical
Drying : 2ft from face sweet something; close up herbs little water
Dry :sweet herbs and flowers kinda smell like my beyond paradise perfume from the store
Hours later; Irish spring soap - which matt says he likes so I shall keep it - it doesn't smell bad but I have to admit it was a but disappointing - I had hoped for more *sigh*

In Other news
Scotchtober party was good small but good =) it was nice to see people - there was a Japanese single malt whisky that smelled good I wasn't drinking I was tired and was driving all the way home so I was forced to pass
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BPAL: Wanderlust : Morocco: The intoxicating perfume of exotic incenses wafting on warm desert breezes. Arabian spices wind through a blend of warm musk, carnation, red sandalwood and cassia.
In the bottle: Sandalwood
On me ->
Wet: floral - carnation I guess ?
Drying: Carnation and sandalwood
Dry: Sandalwood steals the show but there is still some flower in there and a bare whiff if musk - 12 hours later .... I really like it a lot

on to other things -
S-n-B was good last night I needed to get out - I'm getting out again tonight as I will be going to Scotchtober party tonight - but I have to go home and change after work so I might be a bit late but I'm going damn it. Yes there was much laughing last night in general about Halloween and the vampire movies. I did manage to get some of my cross stitching done - not as much as I would have liked - but then again - I don't really care that much - it' not like I have a tie frame to complete this thing and I need to make two actually ..... one for each god son =)

clothes at least some of them got washed today i need to finish unpacking the garage there are somethings I can't find since we moved and I have a feeling that they are in the garage still ..... Bills ah yes bills - that's a whole other story entirely. Glad I got paid now to bother roomies about it

in other BPAL news - does any one have a good format for recording the smells you have tried ? I was thinking doing this the old fashion way on paper creating a booklet or something ...... I'm still working on that any interest once/when I get something figured out in having one ?

Any one ?
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So the weather is cold - and I'm just slightly grumbly b/c I know which BPAL I wanted wear today and it's in the box headed to CMA, no I didn't keep any back for me I thought carly should get the run of them all =) since that was kind a the point - but should i have ahad the scent i wanted the daily BPAL would have been The Norns - Verandi b/c it smells like fall on me and I like it a lot.

How ever fear not I have my personal imps here I just don't know which I should try. I wanted something that smelled warm - which is defiantly drink me but it's also all foodie - and I'm not sure I want to smell like food today.

Now having reviewed the scents on line it's really a tie btwn drink me and morocco....

In other news I hate my job - I'm really not liking it at all this morning - there's no real reason ..... I'm just tired of people and for those of you who missed Serdia's post here's the link here is what I want to say every time some yahoo form the north east bitches about driving 10 miles to pick up the fruit they had sent to an address they couldn't be at to sign for something

he Court being somewhat familiar with the Northeast, notes that perceptions about travel are different in that part of the country than they are in Texas. A litigant in that part of the country might be shocked at having to travel fifty miles to try a case, but in this vast state of Texas, such a travel distance would not be viewed with any surprise or consternation. Defendant should be assured that it is not embarking on a three-week-long trip via covered wagons when it travels to Galveston. Rather, Defendant will be pleased to discover that the highway is paved and lighted all the way to Galveston, and thanks to the effors of this Court's predecessor, Judge Roy Bean, the trip should be free from rustlers, hooligans, or vicious varmints of unsavory kind. Defendant will be pleased to know that regular limousine service is available from Hobby Airport, even to the steps of this humble courthouse, which has got lights, indoor plummin', 'lectric doors, and all sorts of new stuff, almost like them big courthouses back East.

how ever since playing nice is my job I just apologize and fix it - for them deserving or other wise
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I have returned from my weekend - had a good time -came back to find out that my weekend has moved ...... Starting Saturday it will be Wed and Thur - this does not work for me even remotely - grrrr also with this weekend move I have lunch at 10:30 in the morning on week days WTF who eats "lunch" at 10;30 am

*points to self* has a lot of things to write but can't post about them yet *flips the bird to the lurkers in Phoenix*

that is all for now

Check in

Sep. 26th, 2006 08:54 am
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Corbin dallas: life is good on that front - lots of calls =) - very happy lindsey, i have acquiesced to moving there is a ring reqiurement involved but i have offically agreed to move.

The Ark - is settlign in i unpacked 2 more boxes - i ned to keep un packing b/c i don't know where my tent got packed at ... i neeed that for this weekend. the dogs are loving the yard u need t looking to an affordable - pooperscooper and yard service - as i have zero interest in dong either of those things. D. is still with out employmeent but i beleaive shouldhave that cleared up shortly ... still no phones at tha house b/c i don't have the income to afford internet and phone just yet, but that too wil get better. Da is heading for Cali in te forseerable furture - 1st for a short time then for a perminate thing. I am tried there are things that need t get done about the house and i haven't felt like doing them


Fruit basket: wellit is what it is - i got passed over of the training gig i wanted - but it went to some one i like so there. I am actaully enjoying the gig they have me in (i'm starving remeber real lunch today ). We just had a shift bid i think i might have lost my mind what i told them i wanted  ) So i'm crazy that's what i've determined - i'm not really sure i can hack a 10 hour shift but 3 days off .... definatly worth it. esp thru the holidays - so now i wait. i think i willbe punshed later for contrubiting to the latest silliness here inthe basket .... pep rallies *shudders*with themes and prizes *twitch*


Camping must take $ to john today or tomorrow - cause i hate being a slacker but hte bank issues have been making me crazy (n.b. call on that ). also need to go get mail keys may have to wait till thrusady b/c they have the same hours that i have =P so we shall see - it must get done b4 i leave for camping b/c i need to have dd set up again and i might need to have one of those pay roll cards set up untill then make bills hard to pay with no bank account. Camping OMG i'm so loking forward to it - i need this time i hope it's a less tence vibe than last time - the dynamic is completly differnt for alot of people so .... we shall see. I need to make a decirition about camping beds my a ir mateeres has a hole - i need to bay a new one ..... this can be put off if it's not goign to rain - i have a futon matteress i can packla nd take but cotten mattress = not rain freindly, to buy an air matterss or not - this last one made it 2 years b4 it bite it - and it was like 10 bucks..... thinkgs to think on

BPAL - is never going ot get here - i'm dying this could totally becaome a money hole for me - must resist =)
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incase you are wondering I am not strong enougth to move my house or walk my dogs or climb up the stairs too often or drive alfter dowong on of those things yes i will be calling the PT people today to see if we can get me in some time soon work will have to deal

Also my cell is off again =P

i'm still not on cingular i'm goign to see if i can get that set up today my self i can't wait any more - nice as it would have been to write that off m the monthly bills

Dogs are moved =) Catts will be moved thursday - there is still alot of crap inthe house that basically needs to be thrown in a car and moved i nee to switch the utilitys today - and get the old ones cut off

i have 90 min of OT for salf paced training to day wanna bet i can nail it in under 90 mins - i think so too
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so yeah it's been a very long week - hopefully some of this willget settled soonish - i have roommates freaking out and bothering neighbors to chat on their phone ?!?!? and she hasn't paid rent yet so it's not like she can really bitch too much about shit, but she does need to quit freaking out - she's never appeantly been left alone in a house so apearnlt at 18 that's a kinda freaky thing - i don't know i was left alone and wanted to be from 13 on so i don't understand how that can be a freaky thing

dad is busy with camps which means a fat check soon YAY!!! and it sounds like the new club is getting off the ground which is also good - go dad

Mom has been wonderful in dealing with the insurance company's - i ned to call and check the status of my matrix stuff today - i have a measially pay check getting thrown away - b/c of deliquent issues from May or june i'm not sure which

I wonder if rent is paid ? that could bea good question - my grandmother paid my car not for me as part of my dad's rent . so there are some bills that still need to get paid - in the mean time i think i have found something for dani to do that will make $$ mom willl pay her to wash all my brothers clothes and put themin pet free boxes - so that can be a project she can do from my house and peraps she can quit freaking out since then she will have something to do - i don't know

i need to get my dad to move his stuff out of storage so that we can get him moved into the other room and can get dani moved in my "guest" room - i'll tell you what all bills paid furnished room for 350 is not a bad deal - espaically since it's a house and so there is the living room and a full kitchen.

The dogs need food i have to get out there with food today which means i should probalbly be doing some research in to what dog food i'm going to get - Dallas i clearly not respondinf well to the stuff we have been feeding him - he's still sheeding like mad and his nails are peeling off - very bad - i'm also tried of people telling me how to care for my pets but that's a whole other thing - but yes i need a good dog food that will promote good skin and nails on my big dog and then i need a good food to feed the puppy b/c she doesn't ned speaical food - now some how i think buying 2 kinds of dog food is stupid but perhaps that's what i need to start doing it would certanly save $$$$ but then i need a place to store it ... i als o need to fine a hose with a meatal atachment on one end and a plactic attacment on the other or plumers tape and a 14 inch floescanty bulb for ta cat room so hey arent' just hanging in the dar i have alot that i need to get done on sat when i 'm at the house and i don't know how long my leg will let me work at this point but no one out ther can do it so it will have to be me =)

i am looking forward to being home agian very much they tapped my knee at PT yeasterday and i can walk abot 5 very small stairs at this point so that's a start we are not getting in the hard part of theorpy where it hurts - which seams kinda stupid but ti works so i keep going

and i shall quit venting now
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i'm home i'm safe i am oh so verry tired my body thinks this sucks - i need to fine someone to curl up and nap with inthe next couple weeks so maybe i can get some sleep
we just annouced a REBATE for "free"ipod with computer pruchase ......... people are goign nuts - stupid people

"we could kill every one" - Roco- boondock staints

check in

May. 26th, 2006 08:27 am
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it has been a long fucked up week here in my world - i'm physically and emotionally exhused - and if i knew for sure that part of my family would not be upset i would forgo this blessed trip to Scarb and dallas all together and stay at home and sleep and work on my house .....

that is not he case

Monday - work backto land o muggles
Tuesday - Interview, Empolyyee of the month meeting, volt meeting, writted warning for burrning incence inthe smokeing section at work
wednesday- volt meeting, emergancey meeting with volt so stupid slut in volt office at apple could give me my write up, home
Thurday - OT supposed to go by mom's place totally forgot - got plane tix of OK trip 3-4th
Friday here i sit just dreaming about staying home ...... *sigh* oh well

i have ot today as well and i have to og by mom's place after work i can not for get can not
My body is choosing to engagin proff o am a breedable women this week as well which adds and edge to everything i didin't need - i'm still al pissy with matt of something he contiunes to applogized for but hasn't stopped doing yet ........ bah *hands herself some cheese to go wit my whine*

i turned the other job offer i had - this was likly stupid but it really just was not enoguht $$ - so it would have sucked any way the crazy peple calling in to day are goign to have me breaking my teeth from griting them i have no idea if there is any money that is un budgeted in my account so i have no idea if i can go get breakfast or lunch ..... i'm tired of that it's startign to piss me off i've worked too hard for to have to be wondering shit like that ... bah =P

i think i'm done now
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so this is day one of my 7am-4pm shift - i feel like death - that's about ho i always feel at 7am - i haven't had any tea yet and i can't get my voice running which is kinda sucky since i answer phones for a living *smerk*

i pulled 17 jobs from the statesman last night i need to apply for and fax info to some of them - have i metioned that job hunting sucks? i'll get better with it once i get an interveiw or two - i need to send info out today via mail for one position. which means i need to print resumes - which means i should ask dad about that printer he has - i know i could have stuff printered at kinkos but i have burned my budget for the week so no $$ till pay day.

i bought the dogs a Kong and ... the puppy is in love i bought the super tuff one b/c she chews alot - like at puppy hight no bark left on my trees. so here's hoping she stops chewing every thing in the yard

Thoughts on H.S. - come about while waiting on laura's show to start

highschool sweethearts: this is not an over rated experiance Crystal and Juan are hs sweethearts. It's a good and heathy thing, teachesyou to love and be open and accept love early. And when it works out in the longer run it's really great b/c if you can make it thru hs and college together thru allthe changes - they really will be there for you no matter what

It's a blessing to be that young it reminded me how bitter and jaded i really am about life and love- it's also firgening how bad people i think are bitter and jaded must be!
I also think i figured out what cause part of the issues with matt and i over x-mas - I am almost incapable of being young and stupid. I never really got to be i went from 5 to 30 and that didn't leave alot of time for sillimess or playing amd it left zero room for stupidity. Guys like that too - they like the silly young and stupid thing i can give that to any one. and maybe it's b/c no one has ever asked it of me - they just went else where for it - and as long as they tellme they are doing that it's fine - it's the hiding it thing that gets me. I was sitting in the "pit" with laura at intermission and her sr. sara was there with her s.o. who is in the army and they were playing he stole her sandwich and she stole it back and then he took her shoe and threw it across the pit and then she pleded and whine till he got it for her. It's a part of me that i'm not okay with and never had validated and i guess boys like that stuff i sould attempt to cultivate that in me. It is okay to be silly and act like a normal girl - i do not have to be perfect all the time. it's okay to blush - be embarassed it's good for you.

Just got back from a communication meeting they try to have them every 6 months or so - i really wanted to be excused from te meeting the agenda included all the things that they were going to be doing for the next 6 mothes to make x-mas more bearble this year - i won't be here so what do i care really that they are moving buildings for more better space in late july and that they have better planning and they wanted to thank us for our hard work (but not hire me ). I'm being stupid about this job thing - i need to focus my "work/job/career" engery away from the fruit basket and into finding a job but i still could get hired here so it's hard not to give 110% of me to this gig. to make my whole situation funnier they are goingto have an overflow call canter in MESA AZ - that's where matt is for those of you who don't know - it's not run my apple - but i thought about moveing out there in sept - i've decided not to but i still found that funny. i need to step up from 15 jobs a day to 30 - it's going to be hard to do but seriously would improve my chances of getting hired - i also need to go to book stores and see about getting hired there - *sigh* bcak from lunch now i go to work


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