Aug. 3rd, 2006 11:22 am
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Me = Offcially Toast

I think i've done a good job not toastingout in the lst month i came back to work witha god attitude and my scores are relfecting that .....

Some f*ing CAnadian made me cry today ... it's not just him it's everyone who's been calling in they are allso so freaking petty about everything and tht ye want sogod damned much and no one can take responsiblity for thier own mistakes.

i'm just tired of it all - i want to quit adn find something else - i kinda want to quit life right now - it's stupid i know - i'm alive i'm walking the pain is getting less and less every day - apart the frucked up house situtation that came up this week which totally has me freaking out. the bills ar getting under control ( thanks mom and roomies ) and it willget better every day.

PT is getting harder i can't tell if we are making problems or solving them ..... but i'm walking noramlly 95% of the time and i can sometimes walk up the stairs. So it's getting there=)

but dude STAIRS !!!!!!!

Work has been just - i don't know

i am also not sleeping very well again ... i th nk i know why that is now i'm just not sure how to fix it and i certainlly can not afford to fix it the way i want to (flight to AZ ) but i'll get it figured out
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i have had a completly shit week

Monday - Good lord Matt and i issues out the ying yang
Tuesday - wash rinse repeat
Wedneday- Better with the matt things
Thursady - very tired gave blood body asserted it's womanhood - passed out at work got sick and went home after lunch
Friday - worked OT to make up the 4 hours that i missed end up .6 hours short of a full check - grr there was OT pay on ther sho that shoudl even out
SAt - issues with bank and woman hood issues as well

what a great huh!
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today things look okay - yeah look okay - they would be better faster if we talked more i need to make a post just for him now and i i need to document that i chat this morning so we can talk abot it to ...... things to do if i werenot busy enought Lindsey Swem x46575 ATX


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