Jun. 4th, 2012

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Its been a sort of funny few weeks at my house. James and I had been discussing if/when we want to try for Another kid. My period was over a week late I finally sat down and advised the powers that be that this would be the wrong time to have another baby and 24 hours later I has one of those miserable heavy periods. Then my great grandpa was given only a fa days to live. I drove to KS in the Process I spent a fair bit of time in the DFW area; one would think that this would cause me to think if Matt but really my mind (and iPod) wandered to Kris.... It settled in and I found myself wondering what he's up to and why we can't be friends. In the end it doesn't matter but I do still miss him as a human somedays. To be clear I don't miss him as a person I used to date or sleep with. gotye hit it on the head now he's just somebody that I used to know.

I'm a little sad that we aren't ready to have another kiddo several people just got preggers again and we were preggers at the same time last time would have been nice to do again. *sigh*


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