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It's lunch - i am over welhmed withthe B.S. at work today - i have acomputer that is slow i have phone what does not work i will be taking "angry" calls at soem point to day and i can't fine a damn thing on my desk due to stupid move with out telling me grrrrrrrrr - also i'm F*ing sick of a 10:30 am lunch especially when i have have to work over time - i don't know about y'all but 10 : 30 am has never been a lunch time to me and i can't do the rest of the damn day with out any food it doesn't work

I slept last night - i iced my legs likea good girl i had juice i did some light streching - i and i slept i work up around 1am when matt called me back and iced my legs - and then i work up fully rested at about 5 am worring that i have over slept - so i lounged about and thanks to mom got strbucks this morning

i uploaded the pics from my camera and now i should go eat b/c i will have to kill soemone soon if i can't get some of this stuff done

but the "good" news is that baring any schedule changes i have this weekend off ? can that be right - looks like for the next couple of weks i have weekends off .... i'm sure that wil be changeing

food and cube shuffling now
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You know that so excited/scared feelingt you have when you start something new .... yeah that's me all over today - I am now the person who answers questions and tells peopel what o do ... i'm kinda sick about that - what if i tell some one the wrong thing ..... not like i'm on a time frame - i mean i can search the database to back my self up if i need to but - gah - very nervous -

more onthe BPAL order - as i am goignto rant about perfume in the office this morning - imps i ordered - i'll gush more on them later

So the rant about office perfume apart from beinging a desk i don't like as much .... the girl over the cube wall wears so much perfume it makes me wanna be sick - i thought maybe it was just an early in the day thing yesterday but i was wrong wrong wrong - it lingured all day and this morning same deal - it's a nice purfume but jeez i can smell it even after she has left her cube ...... bleck mom and my band directors always taught me that you should wear it in moderation when you are goimg to be in a group - * twitch * any way

hermph and i wish they would fix my lunch it's at 10:30 am WFT who eats lunch at 10:30 am - that could be second breakfast but not lunch ......

i love my job this new thing i think is going to work out pretty good and how bad can my day be wheni indulged and started it off with chi =)


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