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Near as i can tell, i could be on leave(paid) from 12.409(yes this Friday) till some time in mid February. Unpaid leave (other than sick and vacation pay) i could be out till early May ........ Nice

the longer i'm out the less likley this team will have a spot for me ...... starts working the budget
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I was still at work at almost 7pm last night got home about 7:15 and took a bath - laid down to read for a bit b4 heading to stitch. I woke up at 1:30am - checked my phone and had missed 7 calls from the boy went back to sleep - slept in till 9 am and am now at work for a few hours. I'm feeling better enough that I think I'm going to the party tonight.

Work is picking up there will be 6 hours of OT needed for next week and I'm knocking out 2 of them today

people are just starting to figure out that Friday 12.22 is the last biz day b4 Xmas
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"[our] commercials are all inner city rap heads and no one will buy apple because our marketing represents
a young stupid foolish person".....and our computers "show a stupid biz guys and a cracked out million dollar kid who spends all his money on drugs"

retired Sergeant Walker was not impressed with our youthful image - he has never bought an apple in his life but he felt obliged to let us know how we are messing up
for reference I offer you links to commerials ->computers -> nanos -> Shuffles
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What type of Fae are you?

this is totally me -

btw the last few days have not sucked

I went home early on Tues. - wed my phone at work broke so it won't accept calls - thursday was spent with good food and matt at my moms house - I started putting my tree up

I gout about ½ way done and then re an out of lights must get more - I also have no ornaments - and the tree is a bit shorter than I thought - it's only 10x6.5 ft. so I have 3 ornaments for a 10 ft. tree ......... This must be fixed

other wise life is good
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So apparently this is a tough gig.

It's a bit of a rat race - it all about rush rush rush and it's really hard to just leave it at the office at the end of the day

and when your not official fruit it really stucks - you don't have the great insurance, you don't have a permanent job, you have all this other stuff that you are worried about and for those of you who are not a masochist. This probably isn't the job for you

people are irrational mean and nasty all day b/c they feel entiled to b/c you are just some voice ( that is probably in inda) or you don't work for apple or a million other things

If you like fixing things this not the job for you 90% of the time - it's not something you have control over nor can you affect it

And do not take this job if you think that having sick time means you can calling sick or you don't like being chained to your desk 3 months a year

the benefits once your on rock - but seriously getting on board is hard
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I really want to spend some time getting my house re arranged this week to accommodate the huge ass tree that is coming to live at my house

I really love Christmas i love the lights; i love the food; i love the gathering of people; i love the sprit of giving; i love the magic of Santa ; I love the hot drinks; I love church (the music and normally the scripture) since it's like the one time a year it's not all doom and gloom, plus it jives with my spiritual theory (the Sun is born).

I work in a retail environment where apparently customers feel like we are their personal punching bag and b/c we are here with that expectation there’s not a lot I can do but quit. Not a great option - but i get grinched every year by the end of back Friday I just want to shoot my fellow humans an it's hard to stay in the spirit when there is al this crap being flung at you all day my the week before x-mas I'm scrooged bah - humbug

But this weekend I'm going to put on holiday music and put up my tree - I'm going to have spiced tea and hot chocolate and mead and try and dowel in the Zen like moment of the lights on the tree and the family ornaments and the new matt and I ornaments

that's the plan any way =)
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So for those who might care - I am no longer alive in a social capacity =P

I am going to work a lot and be a hermit - and perhaps share some of my more exciting/strange/werid/messed/happy stories

this weeks schedule fuckery is
Monday- Wednesday 1pm -10pm; Off Thursday ; Fri. as early as I can haul my ass in here or 1pm (which ever happens 1st) till 10pm or the last ass get's off the phone - which ever comes last

so if your feeling kind send me a message during the day - I'm tring to come up with way s to say happy heathy and sane for the next 6 -9 weeks

Funny for the day

quiz : You make an online purchase for a 300$ camera you miss the 1st 2 delivery attempts and the camera will be shipped back to camera store (in France).To prevent this you sign the tag on your door asking them to leave the camera on the door step in the Bronx NY. You arrive home and check for the package it's not there the tracking # says delivered left on doorstep. What do you do next ?

A. Kick yourself and remember that next time you should not have the package left on the doorstep where any one can take it
B. Call the french camera shop and inquire about replacing it since clearly you didn't receive the package
C. Call the carrier and see if they can replace it for you
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we have talked about mead and linguists and dialect and tattoos and... we are officially out of things to talk about

oh yeah and the phones messed up - I haven't taken a call all morning
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So the shift bid came in i have monday and tues day off ...... 7-4 wed- fri and sat - sunday 9-6 i think ...... the man lied to me

he said he trired to keep our choises in the top 8 that was 32nd on my list ........ WTF
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Please allow people to know what they want b4 calling a compny for help like calling sales when they want to make an order instead of post sales whrn they don't have an order yet na d need to place on thanks !!!!

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so 1sty day back at work not bad also day 4 of PT - it went okay - i think i might have come to a platu b/c things are starting to hurt again - hurts so bad i can't sleep \

8 min on bike 6 min on total gym 20 set of ususal - 2x the alphabet

got streches for my neck and orders to get my desk fixed and stop leftting my shoulders live in my ears =)

other than that a good day i think hoping tomorrow is just as good
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i totally thoguht today was friday

that was just wish full thinking - so for those who care

Sched. for the next week
06.23.06 10-7
06.24.06 9:30-6
06.25.06 off
06.26.06 7-4
06.27.06 off
06.28.06 7-4
06.29.06 7-4
06.30.06 7-4

any way life expolded on monday and things are still a bt shakey in my little corner of the world - but that's okay there is S-n- B tomorrow as tomorrow is friday - i should go - mental note ... pack you crafty stuff b4 coming to work

I continue with out phone or e-mail at the house shoudl you be wanting to do anything i suggest e-mailing me and i can be in a place to call you =)
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so i told me mangaer i had a job offer i was thinking about very seriously and he promtly got back to me and wanted to know if i would decline to offer if i knew that there would be a round of hiring in a few days even if i didin't know that i would get a badge.

*fruit basket holds out the carrot*

*'drug resits urge to say "yes'*

i told them i would decline the offer IF i was sure there was a round of hiring andi was almost positively getting a badge. since i can't afford not to be employed =)

*fruit basket takes carrot back* they will be looking for a better bigger carrot

I in the mean time am going to cal this new job and ask them what kinda 3 month raise they were talking about .25 .50 1.00 2.00 really 2 would be best but i need to know b/c i really don't wanna waste their time or mine - ands since i'm the bread winner i need to know - you know they seem like reasonable folk - that will take thema few days to get back to me about i'm sure by then maybe we will know

Also i hope to gods that my cell is back on by then b/c i might have had several morte offers but they can't reach me since the phone is off for those of you who may have tried to reach me 512-535-2782 iis the house =)

this is my after noon break i need to hunt down my tea =)

i get to go home early yay!
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Dear Mr. customer

You have a "light bulb" and are complaining about the sound being staticy - this means one of two things you have the volume too high or you are really picky about sound quality. Either way it's in your power to control. In response to your question as to whether or not the headphones are good - they are perfectly acceptable the the are better ones on the market if you want great sound quality they start at about 99$ a set - have fun with that =)

Second, you purchased a 3rd party product from us on the web where it clearly states that you would want to contact that company for warranty and tech support. When I offered you the web page you told me that you have no computer - I find this hard to believe since you have to have one in order to get music on your "light bulb". Please make up a better lie next time this also begs the question if you are hearing static on you "light bulb" and you don't have a computer them perhaps there is nothing wrong with the ear phones you are listening to the magnetic pulses of the "light bulb” just being on which are kind of staticy.

Perhaps in the future you should not lie to your customer service people and learn how to read!

Many thanks!

Fruit Basket
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So, as of yesterday i had exactluy 2 months left on my contract .

That's a bit over welming - to day is not likely to be a good day for me i'm more than a bit stressed about where my life is now and i need to un stress and i know how to do it but i don't have time or $$$ to do it.

Also today is one of those days where i need Matt here now, or me there.

counting down the days to both CMA and AZ.

i need a moment to be weak and i'm not very good at doing "weak" or"human". I also promised my self that i would teach the little woof about cats(leaveing them alone they don't like to play) and people food(keeping your nose out of it )

i did a very sucsessfull experiment this morning i feed the dogs in the same space a tteh same time - they didn't eat out of each others bowls and the little woffer even sat b4 she charged in to eat - that was cool have to teach dallas that =)

i go back to working now
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so thank you all who wished me well i am not good enough to apply for this round of hiring - so i shall sit here and watch others become "fruit" and think on the fact that i at least havea job =)
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So yes true to their word thereis another round of hiring happpening - starting today .......

i go forth to subject myself for further humiliation

of interveiwing again ..... so those of you who have extra to spare - i really wanna work here =)
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so i've ben thinking - here's the deal with everyone i trained getting hired - it means that i am a good trainer or mentor or what the hell ever i was thru x-mas.

and actually that's pretty hot =)

no i'm not saying that i'm not upset that is didin't get badged and they did .. but shit how wonderful is that - all of my friends got hired !!!!!!

hopefully next time i'm good to go =)

in other news if i'm hard to get a hold of this week it's b/c matt's leaveing at the end of the week and i would like to do as much with him as possible b4 he goes.

more later


Feb. 24th, 2006 11:11 am
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i'm not hired ... and i am relitively okay with that ... there were people with better stats than i didi for the 2 months that they were looking at .... HOWEVER

list form for ease of referance later
why didn't i get hired
~ stats were not as high as other peoples
why was this .... i know why ....

i was doing 2 peoples jobs - i was busy running about and ACTUALLY training people who had"training" b/c the training sucked ass - so yes i spent alot of time off the phone helping people b/c the trainers didin't do their jobs- but can they look at that? Absolutly .....NOT

apperanly above and beyond and doeing the work of 3 people gets you no points - with apple.

so what do i do they say that there will be many more badgeing rounds b4 i get canned on june 8th .....

today will be a long day


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